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Hafiz shamsuri  Menyeru agar kita semua memBESARkan Allah swt .... Ilahi Anta Maqsudi

Istimewanya umat Rasulullah saw

اَللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ َعلى سيدنا مُحَمَّدٍ وَ عَلَى آِل سيدنا مُحَمَّدٍ


Hukum mengaku Islam tetapi tak solat

Kewajipan mengangkat khalifah ditetapkan dengan Syara’ , bukan dengan akal

“Pencari Cinta”
Diantara penasihat terbaik kita didunia adalah “Mati” , agar kita sentiasa tiap detik saat mencari rahmat dan keredhaan Allah swt

Same Old Story

Who doesn't know Indian aggression against Kashmir? Now the occupied Hindu forces begin to give the worst punishment for kashmir slogans...
In any village, dozens of houses were destroyed from Kashmir, and the Kashmiri people were stripped by accusing the presence of the Mujahideen
Now the problem becomes more serious when it concerns the brothers and sisters of Kashmir, who has taken voice over media and social media for the rights of brothers and sisters of Kashmir, have given birth to some black sheep, rather than a demonstration without the view of Indian fur in The Anti-propaganda war filed against the opposition increases against its own country and institution....
They went to the pakistani khaki whose heart was once struck by Kashmir brothers. Today, Pakistan fights each other. In any case, in some resources, in various resources, by making any agent of the agent, make a separate country, want to make the founder of your country...
Everyone runs a different agenda in their minds. If anyone is not a consultant from the country of Pakistan, what will be the opinion of Kashmir. Even today a nation is invisible. We've become birds. ہR every animal flute today works hard to forget the hunger in his own stomach, just by trying to make dangerous danger, he only works as a guard for a number of money.
Good witness, khaqan abbasi, to bring his blue water staff to the army sir, called the dead wind or the dead wind of the millet, to say all these things, because they give testimony and money to shahaban abbasi. .

Forgive me Allah,when i complain about life 😢

Deep Setepek !

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