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"Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do" - One More Light - Linkin Park

I never imagine that his death would effect me this bad. I lay on my bed for hours, with tears flowing uncontrollably. I've never been one to cry over a death of someone I never knew personally. As crazy as it sounds Chester, you help me through a lot in my teen years. Hearing that someone who actually help me was in so much pain until they took their own life breaks my hearts.
This goes to everyone out there that's going through hard time, when you feel like nothing good will happen in your life, reach out. Reach out to your love one or even me. I'll do my best of what I can do to help you out. Or contact them. They'll definitely will help you out.
Lifeline Association of Malaysia (063) 92850039
(063) 92850279
(063) 92850049

I'm okay with failure because I live by the motto "Don't let your setback make you sit back, prepare for your comeback" #klkelis #klkc #sixteenbynine #vsco #vscocam #chasinglife

Living life as it is #sixteenbynine #lifeincolor

Oh my, you did it. Proud beyond words. To more success in your life @zuleika6 ❤️ #hafizilvszuleika #sixteenbynine

There is nothing perfect. There is only life #klkelis #klkc #chasinglife #sixteenbynine

New family, new home and new beginning #riotcrew #rcpt #klkc #klkelis #paintball #APC

If someone is destined for you, never in millions years she will be for somebody else. 2 years and counting 😘❤ 💪🏻#sixteenbynine #hafizilvszuleika #aniversary #klkc #klkelis

The Dream Is Free, The Hustle Is Sold Separately #klkc #klkelis #paintball #chasinglife #sixteenbynine #hkarmy #thronepaintball #riotcrew

I swear to God I love this girl very much. ❤️😘 #hafizilvszuleika #chasinglife #sixteenbynine

When you're in the dark the smallest glimpse of lights will give you just enough hope to get through as long as you don't give up. #chasinglife #okaybutnotokay #klkelis #klkc

It's said and done. I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope and every dream I've ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, I'll always be yours and darling you'll always be mine. To loved you was a pleasure that I'll keep hold forever. I'll cherish every single second that we've spent together and forever remember the love you've given to me. You are the colors that paint my life brighter shades of the spectrum. This post I dedicated to you and to your future. Be brighter, be happier, be stronger and may you be blessed with eternal love. May your enemies run far away from you. If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always. Your beauty will be as Aphrodite . Wherever you may go, many will attend, serve and protect you, surrounding you on all sides. #hafizilvszuleika #okaybutnotokay

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