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Hafizd Dianggara Magda  Keeping up my good work for my better future..

Program sick part 999+.. TABIKPUUN!!

Pertama kali kita kumpul itu di GoGo pas ngisi form visa.. Masih pada dingin semua waktu itu.. Seiring berjalan waktu, kita kumpul lagi di Bandara Radin Inten II dan mulai ada ice breaking disana. Menjelajah Soetta ber6 dan kita makan malam dengan menu yang sama, Sate. Sambil nonton Fate, kita ngobrolin tentang wawancara visa itu gimana. Pulangnya kita naik GoCar dan pada tepar semua dimobil dan semenjak itu, Fathi dipanggil 'Ukhti'. Ketemu lagi pas mau berangkat, lengkap dengan ortu kita masing-masing. Untuk kedua kalinya kita ke Jakarta ber6 lagi.. Banyak cerita yang kita lalui dan gw kangen saat kita nyasar bareng, makan bareng, dan nonton bareng. Miss this squad very freaking much

Well, there's someone asked me that how is important English to me.. If you saw my picture, you already know, but I will explain it more detailed. Nowadays, people in Indonesia, mainly in Lampung mostly know about what is English. But, they just know about it and they don't wanna learn English because they said it's too difficult. But, I don't think so. That case happened when the learning method is quite boring. Yeah, you know.. Sit in the class, hear the teacher babbling, and then go home. That's old school, my brotha n sista.. You should learn something that difficult to you in a fun way.. Like with games, ice breaker, and etc. The result is very unpredictable. You know what's your feeling, when you were eating Padang Rice (my fav) with your homies and then there's an email, "Congratulations, Hafizd. You are the one of Indonesia Youth Leadership Program Participant." Man that is.. BOOM in my heart.. I can never imagine I can go abroad FREE without spending a cent or a rupiah. What's the results? You'll feel it when you taste it by yourself. My story is maybe useless to you guys.. Because it don't mean nothing to you. It's true until you make your own story. And P. S. My Biggest Dream is to be the next kak @fadlansatria
@dimas_aryandi @alwi24azzam @lucky_agungrafii

Waktu itu gua pernah nyeplos pas MOS di MTs.. "Cita-cita saya jadi Boyband kak" and it happened now.. Bersyiar dengan syair, dakwah dengan melodi

We ain't no partners, we're brothers in arms for real (don't judge our uncut hair n i know it's freaky:v)

A simple starts for a giant step for a better future for them. Because they deserve to get knowledge too.
On screen :

Bagi kalian yang ingin menjadi Volunteer sekaligus bagian dari kami, silahkan isi Google Form berikut. Dan program ini gak bakal useless, malah sayang kalo dilewatin. Spoiler dikit, bakal ada materi dari pemuda Lampung berbakat yang sudah pernah ke Amerika Serikat loh dan mungkin ada selipan info tentang beasiswa.. Wow.. Whaddya waiting for?
Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScIsFThz8c4eJJTWnJbcV5vEhf6A8-Ar2YXzQeRAkPmHJx96A/viewform?c=0&w=1

Cc : @fathiyakhairiya @latsx @nandamutiaara @miftahdf @dindafhuda @justspeak_id @fadlansatria @anwar.fadila @deniburhasan @reinaldyaulia @rizkurrizkur @phoenix.smazga @smazgalpg @lampuung

Me : Ay rhino my man.. Did you see the freakin' clown from thus movie?
Rhino : Umm.. I don't think so. Wait, what are you.. Me : Don't lie to me.. You hide here don't you?? #lolol

These guys are my unforgettable family in Bloomington. I had no clue that I will miss them so much, even until now.. Even I still miss their warmth in the dining room, where we can ask and discuss with each other. With a glass of soda water, we talk until 9 usually and now I miss them so much. For Didi and Dov, you guys are in a special place in my heart. Thank you for all the time that you gave it to us, mainly to me. We miss you and we love you. :') Thank you for @iuinternationaldevelopment and @courthuynh for uniting me with this family.

📍Hello, fellas! We are from @iylp.lampung now working on our project, called E4E (English for Everyone) focusing in developing better English environment in Lampung. We are seeking Junior and High Schools students' responses relate to their abilities in English. Feel free to answers and help us to recognise students' English level in our home province, Lampung! Cheers!
Can you share this, participate, and join us to make a better English environment? Wow we are very delighted to have you😊
Cc : @justspeak_id @fadlansatria @anwar.fadila @deniburhasan @reinaldyaulia @rizkurrizkur @phoenix.smazga @smazgalpg @lampuung

This is not my friends.. But I called this my family. When they meet, things gonna be lot more crazier than yo momma ever know😇😇

Monike Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans : The 8th Duke Legacy of The New Moon

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