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bobby  rider, writer, wanderer, wonderer, whistler, whittler, riddler, tippler, tattler, & (sartorial) scintillator sd, ca bobby@haellyon.com

love this beach. . I want to marry her

how grand a stage for nobody to be playing on

eff da birds! my goofy ass and my evil laugh

after 6 yrs of solo moto, I finally got a tank! thx to all my buds that drove me or let me borrow their ride or otherwise put up with an obviously selfish decision. let me make it up to you by offering to take you on an AWD adventure

did not know I was being recorded.... ends with me saying "whoa!"

becuz Bob catz do what #bobcats do

I'm on a boat!

to my sis. also plz enjoy my #rbf #roundbabyface

bleum is a werd

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