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مجار حازيق (2م4ح)  مصنوعة من ماليزيا و كوريا الحب التاريخ الاسيوي والكوريا/الثقافة Proud to be a Malaysian 🕌 Love arab, malay & korean culture 🀄🎎🎌🕋


This is just so COOL!!..
As a 'taegwondo seonsu' (taekwondo player)..my goal is to become a professional and synchronise in doing patterns...

#Repost @planwritemockers (@get_repost)
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#astrooasis106 #mayahd

Don't forget to watch this unique travelog show starring Mat Dan (Daniel Tyler) & Pencetus Ummah Amin (PU Amin) on astro Oasis & astro Maya HD starting this Mon till Wed every weekdays..
This show really eye-catched me since season 1 which Brough them to Mecca through the Trans-Siberian route..unlike other travelog shows..it doesn't use an airplane to move from another to another country...to me.. this really a truly unique and different yet exclusive. This Ramadhan...the show took place through seven countries to reach to their final destination,Al-Aqsa...

"Ramadhan is a month full of blessings that is deliberately created by Allah to His servants who have faiths. Ramadhan is a period where the learning process and reflections takes place to the Muslims so that when the month of Ramadhan has passed, the Muslims can be a true believer (org yg beriman) as they were in the pass month of ramadhan..."
May you have a great time this Ramadhan.. InsyaAllah.. Photo by: Muslim Pro
#ramadhanisawesome #blessed #increaseyourimanlevel #letschangeourselvesintoabettermuslim

في الإسلام، كل يوم هو يوم الام... هل تفهم ما تقوله هذه الصورة؟.. يجب علينا أبدا أن أعلى صوتك تجاه والدتك أن يعلمك كيفية الكلام !

"O ye who believe! Eat of the good things where with we have provided you, and render thanks to Allah if it is He whom ye worship" (2:172)

كانت هذه الحلويات فقت جزابة جرا بعد فاتح للشهية! كوك واعداد من قبل @krrmalaysia... لاننسي، تم اعداد الدجاج جنبا الى جنب مع الصلصات 3 كما فريكاسي!
These desserts were just too appealing yet appetizing ! Cook and prepared by @krrmalaysia.. not to forget, the chickens alongside with the 3 sauces were prepared as fricassee!
#Kennyrogers #healthyfoods #desserts #wishicanaddmore #alhamdulillahsyukur #latenightdinner

#throwback LifeSkills Exhibition Project 2k17
"the kids are just..emm some were a bit noisy and some were nice and having a high level of curiosity"

MasyaAllah... Islam has spread widely through around the globe..
May this situation continue longer..
Soo.., here's a few people that is a converted Japanese/ Korea muslims which I've followed them..
#spreadingislam #islamisfirstclass
Coming soon.... a foreigner; some sort a celebrity, works under a korean TV industry

Memories 2017: #Stigma by Jeff United Productions Cc: Nurin who also edited the movie for 3 days @cikenorin

Congratulations, Jeff United Productions for making this inspiring short movie that reminds/tells us when theres too many critics, that person will have a bad life and lifestyle... and perhaps could also commited suicide that happens in abundance for a year.. so STOP CRITICIZING!!
Btw, the team productions were extraordinarily proficient. @atiyyahmarzuki , you're really good on editing and also directing.., @talking.vegetable , a good camera"Woman" and also an expert on editing, @cikenorin , good on make sure things goes well,
@aisyahaliaa, you're willing to gave support for us "Keep on Fighting Guys" and lastly our main actor, @q_l._.l_p, who is understandable and good on acting.. Therefore, this will be our one of the great memories for Dar-Izzah 2017..

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