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مجار حازيق (2م4ح)  مصنوعة من ماليزيا و كوريا الحب التاريخ الاسيوي والكوريا/الثقافة Proud to be a Malaysian 🕌 Love arab, malay & korean culture 🀄🎎🎌🕋


في الإسلام، كل يوم هو يوم الام... هل تفهم ما تقوله هذه الصورة؟.. يجب علينا أبدا أن أعلى صوتك تجاه والدتك أن يعلمك كيفية الكلام !

"O ye who believe! Eat of the good things where with we have provided you, and render thanks to Allah if it is He whom ye worship" (2:172)

كانت هذه الحلويات فقت جزابة جرا بعد فاتح للشهية! كوك واعداد من قبل @krrmalaysia... لاننسي، تم اعداد الدجاج جنبا الى جنب مع الصلصات 3 كما فريكاسي!
These desserts were just too appealing yet appetizing ! Cook and prepared by @krrmalaysia.. not to forget, the chickens alongside with the 3 sauces were prepared as fricassee!
#Kennyrogers #healthyfoods #desserts #wishicanaddmore #alhamdulillahsyukur #latenightdinner

#throwback LifeSkills Exhibition Project 2k17
"the kids are just..emm some were a bit noisy and some were nice and having a high level of curiosity"

MasyaAllah... Islam has spread widely through around the globe..
May this situation continue longer..
Soo.., here's a few people that is a converted Japanese/ Korea muslims which I've followed them..
#spreadingislam #islamisfirstclass
Coming soon.... a foreigner; some sort a celebrity, works under a korean TV industry

Memories 2017: #Stigma by Jeff United Productions Cc: Nurin who also edited the movie for 3 days @cikenorin

Congratulations, Jeff United Productions for making this inspiring short movie that reminds/tells us when theres too many critics, that person will have a bad life and lifestyle... and perhaps could also commited suicide that happens in abundance for a year.. so STOP CRITICIZING!!
Btw, the team productions were extraordinarily proficient. @atiyyahmarzuki , you're really good on editing and also directing.., @talking.vegetable , a good camera"Woman" and also an expert on editing, @cikenorin , good on make sure things goes well,
@aisyahaliaa, you're willing to gave support for us "Keep on Fighting Guys" and lastly our main actor, @q_l._.l_p, who is understandable and good on acting.. Therefore, this will be our one of the great memories for Dar-Izzah 2017..

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FIGHTING!!! Keep strong, South Koreans!! FIGHTING!!!

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Today was 1st March 2017 and happy Samiljeol Day to all South Koreans!!
It was an independent movement day that commemorates the March 1st 1919 which against the Japanese rule of Korea on 1919. Happy Movement Day!

- I am starting to think that maybe memories are like these desserts. I eat it, and it becomes a part of me, whether I remember it later or not -
#havingdessertwhiletravel #lifeissweet

It start snowing in Gyeongju!!! #frozen #koreanweather

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