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  I'm an octopus. Except I have four limbs.

Bought an outerwear 'cuz it was raining only to find the weather to be humid right after the pour πŸ™‚ #uniqlosg

Ok brb on the hunt for more loose fit pants/ tops/ outerwears..... πŸ¦‡

When the menswear wardrobe limits you of fabric choices, turn to the other (referring to outerwear in this case) πŸ˜‚

Credit: @hornicca x

Suiting days always make me a tad happier πŸ™‚


Walking 3/4 mile and having to rush our meal 'cuz we were the last customers @eugiche #neveragain

Just one of those mornings when you wake up half dead; dying to dive into bed again. Loathing Sat

Fiddle fiddle fiddle fiddle fiddle.....

Perspective by Miss @delaieyla x

Gotz a turtleneck underneath this Lemaire x UQ shirt just because πŸ™ƒ

Prettiest tea salon over @ Looksee Looksee!! I dieded @ their interiorβ€” particularly WANT this chair with the weaved leather and studs and whatnot 😭


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