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Hadi Danial  My facade. Calisthenics “wanna-be” athlete Cleo Bachelor ‘18

Don’t be mistaken, i AM truly sick of the social stigma of conformity and social butterfly-ism at this day and age. However, like everyone else i’ve been an unwilling victim of it. It’s been a facade and exhaustive. I’ve but a taste of expectations and led downs which correlates to my immunity towards intimate relationships with such people. This is more of self-awareness rather than blinded negativity. Stay grounded to your own beliefs and goals. People play judge and jury, but you’re the executioner. Needless to say, i’m not being a dick, i am hadick. #kodakfilm #stillaniceguy #butyourfeelingsmatternot

Shakey cam, shakey form but fixed goals ✅

Pizza, overconsumed red wine and good company! ❤️⛄️ #CLEOSGEB #kklastone

“..and the reason why my eyes are sparkling tonight is cus of you guys in the audience 😉” real pleasure to be part of CLEOSGEB. Good fun, good fellas and good abs ⛄️

Gave birth at the age of 21 / Cancer survivor / sole breadwinner / 13 days smoke free and counting. Mom’s the real MVP. Happy mothers day to all mommas ❤️

Maximum effort even for minimal gain.
Swatch me ⏱ 📸@clickredbutton


How would you define your freedom and solitude?

‼️ No shortcuts, no excuses‼️ Just immense discipline and the occasional lack of sleep... and alcohol....... and smokes. #youdoyou

Moonlighting? #luxurycarreppin

Fortunate to be part of Cleo’s most eligible bachelor finalists and in league with 29 of these other fine gentlemen. However, VOTE FOR ME not cause you want to, but HAVE TO cus... help a brother out lah‼️‼️ 😄✌🏻 (LINK IN BIO!!) if you’ve read this far, i’ll appeal to the auntie in everyone of you with the chance of winning freebies if you vote or have voted
👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 * 1x SWATCH Colorland Timepiece worth $82
* 1x Ladies Dream Classic Facial from Haach worth $121
* 1x Dr Haach Chemical Peel worth $181
* $100 Urban Decay Hamper
* $100 worth of credits from Kimage (hair studio)

LonDone with the cold 💨

“All i want is snuggles but all i get is struggles”

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