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Hadi Danial • هادي • 哈迪  I believe that acknowledging my strengths and flaws makes me a humble narcissist.



The life of the party, the ex hardcore smoking whiskey drinking gramps going strong before and after her last chemo 💪🏼 feat her four grandkids who definitely contributed to her headaches past and present 😅 #xiaobloodisstrong

“an idle boomerang for an idle day” i idly exclaimed

Smiling at your ... ?

Akmal is not taller than me


Shakey cam, shakey form but fixed goals ✅

“..and the reason why my eyes are sparkling tonight is cus of you guys in the audience 😉” real pleasure to be part of CLEOSGEB. Good fun, good fellas and good abs ⛄️

Gave birth at the age of 21 / Cancer survivor / breadwinner / 13 days smoke free and counting. Mom’s the real MVP. Happy mothers day to all mommas ❤️

Maximum effort even for minimal gain.
Swatch me ⏱ 📸@clickredbutton


How would you define your freedom and solitude?

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