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💙Houston, TX 💙

A light bodied red in 💙New Orleans, LA💙 thanks @expirationshelf @hcrw 4 being surrogate tour guide

💙Montgomery, AL 💙 Equal Justice Initiative 🙏

I am learning more about what America is as we drive through it... especially the South as I’ve never been here. I’m thinking about and learning what all it means to be an American today: The National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, AL has made a memorial that honors the violated, abused and lost lives, voices, and memories of black and brown people in the United States. The works at the memorial visually and textually address history and present day manifestations/outcomes from slavery, mob violence, segregation/ Jim Crowe, police violence, and mass incarceration. This has been by far the most informative and moving memorial /public art and text installation I’ve encountered to date. I will remember. I commit this to memory. If you haven’t attended yet, please do.

🧡Georgia —> Alabama 🧡

💙Savannah, GA 💙


💙Asheville NC 💙 Puppy Bowl 2018, Queer Tasting Menu Curated by @evil_fucking_bratz_doll wholesome romantic feelings thank you @_midheaven_ 🙏🙏😭❤️

💙Virginia💙 Jessssca and Family 💫 LOVE YOU

💙Philadelphia/ Pittsburgh 💙 are very good. Queers elders and repurposed churches. Kts aunt is nearly Sharon Hayes.

New York, I love you (3) 💙

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