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Paul  I do my own stunts.

When I receive my dispatch for the day and the first thought I have is, "The taco truck should still be there when I arrive!" #tacothursday #thursdayisthenewfriday

Remember a few weeks ago when I was tearing up our new house? Well it's starting to look a little more civilized again!

This is me trying to get up my "level" driveway. The rain came. Then froze. Then more rainssss and now it's just a snotty mess.

Say good bye to the glorious orange 70's shag carpet. #fortyyearsofdeadskincells

Picking out paint for the stairs(my part was driving, she's doing the selecting). Erin is trying to match a bag of kettle chips. The bonus is I have a snack if we stay too long!!!

There's a lot of orange in this house. I'm kinda digging the orange stairs maybe Erin will decide to keep them this color!!

I bought a house today and I already broke it!

Christmas Eve sledding shenanigans and catching field mice!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

It's been a while but I'm back in the saddle again. Once it's in your blood you can't stay away! And if your know what I'm talking about then you know you have to have that driver's window down! Always!

*no caption necessary*

Hey @kyleversteeg I see your #dogbythefire and I raise you one!

Sherlock: "Dixie, I know you hear me. You will be my slave. I will be your master! You will do as I say. You will be a pawn in my master plan to take over this house and these people that feed us. Then I will conquer the world. Woo ahh ah ah!! Whoo ahhh ahh ahh." Dixie: Why are you making that sound?
Sherlock: That's my evil villain laugh.