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Thomas Hackimer  Minnesota Twins, St. John's baseball, sidearm baseball throwing guy. All my other social media is "hackattackimer" because I'm not creative


Thank you to everyone at @schwarz_institute (especially you @ryan_mccormick22) for having me out to try out the #darimotion system today! #FirstFive

#Repost @schwarz_institute (@get_repost)
Thank you to @twins prospect @hackattackimer for coming in and getting his #darimotion analysis done before heading off to the @mlbazfallleague

Off days are fun, I got to do a non-baseball thing!

Throwback to the time my siblings had the real save by bringing me my jersey that I managed to forget at home. #nationalsiblingday #awwwwpeas #NotAGoodPictureButThatsWhatIGetForPostingLast

Baseball! #baseball

*some bad joke about spring training coming up so that everyone is reminded that I play baseball*
#baseball #springtraining #nothatdoesnthurtmyelbow #iswear #myhypermobilityisshowing

All in the span of one week, I got the opportunity to talk to Rick Peterson about Chad Bradford, Rick Porcello about what it was like to be on a staff with guys like Verlander and Scherzer, and discuss non-Newtonian fluids and how to kill change up spin rate with Trevor Bauer. If you're the smartest person in the room, you need to find a new room.

Big thanks to @mvmtwatches for this lovely Festivus gift, now I can finally learn how to tell time on an analog clock! #justkidding #iknowhowtotelltime #butstillthankyou #itsafestivusmiracle

This little doof has been laying in weird positions in our house for two years now. Happy 2nd Tank-iversary, Tank. #rescuedog #adoptiversary #tankiversary

Night gathers, and now my watch begins. #halloween2k16 #got #gameofthrones #peoplecallmeabastardanyway

Pinstripe jerseys with solid white pants is just a bad look

This is a fish. I caught this fish. This is the first fish I have ever caught, mostly because you don't even want to know what's in the waters around NYC. But I caught this fish and I'm proud of it. Also thanks to @shaneacarrier and @slice_of_hammy for helping me because I had no goddamn clue what to do. #imfromthecity #imnotusedtothis #firstandprobablylast

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