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H A B I T U É  Charming, Delicious with Live Gentle Jazz. Join us or UberEATS Tue, Wed, Thu ▫️5pm to late Fri, Sat ▫️12 noon to late Sun, Mon ▫️Closed Bookings 🍇🍷👇🏼


Darlings, just like that my fork and spoon have closed again. My weekend is here. Perhaps we could meet for a delicious Charcuterie Plate and a cheeky drop on Tuesday at 5pm? Until then, Habitués. 👠

People often say I am never without a smile. How could I not be smiling when my team plates up such deliciousness. It’s Saturday. Let your hair down and unwind at mine. Open from 12pm and all-night long. 🍹

Hello Friday. And hello to smooth drinks, silky cocktails and amaze food. And there is no forgetting the live jazz band playing their tunes from 7pm. The fork and spoon open at 12pm. I invite you to come celebrate your weekend the Habitué way. I’ll be here all night long too, darlings. 💄

Dessert is always the way to my heart. This Orange Posset is just a vision of loveliness. With meringue, elderflower jelly and almond crumb, you won’t be able to put down that spoon. Come turn your week around Thursday. Open from 5pm. 🍴

Hello Wednesday night and hello to Cheeky Beef Wednesday. Want to indulge in some slow cooked beef cheeks that have been marinating in their flavoursome juices for the past 24 hours? Well you can. For $22 per person and includes a glass of juicy wine. From 5pm. 💃

There is only one place you will find me on Tuesday nights. And that is at my place. I get to treat myself to delicious dishes of fresh, organic and seasonal produce from Phil’s Veggie Patch. Also includes a glass of classic wine for $22 per person. Starts from 5pm tonight. 💋

Darlings, life isn't perfect but your hair sure can be. My hair is always looking gorjas. Want to know my secret? The talented team at @gorjashair leave my locks looking glorious and silky soft. A gal as lovely as me has to look their best at all times. 💄

Habitués, my fork and spoon are now closed. My charming presence will be gracing my home again from Tuesday 5pm. See you then. 👠

Cha-Ching. Here's to the weekend. And some magical glasses of silky smooth cocktails. My fork and spoon are wide open from noon. Come treat yourself. 🍸

Oh yes. Oyster heaven all for me. I am happy to share though. Any takers? I will be waiting for your handsome face from 12pm. 🥄

This huge smile is because he just saw me…obviously. Morning deliveries from Thierry of @terra_wines get me beaming too. I invite you to come taste his juicy drops for dinner tonight. As you already know, my doors will open from 5pm.🍷

I am cheeky, wild and wonderful. Especially on Wednesday nights for Cheeky Beef Wednesday. Bring your lovely face into mine and indulge in slow cooked beef cheeks that have been marinated for 24 hours. For $22 per head and includes a juicy glass of wine. Why cook when you can just simply eat? From 5pm tonight. 💄

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