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Haarkon / India & Magnus  Follow us on our journey. Our book ‘Glasshouse Greenhouse’ is OUT NOW. Check this out — 👇🏼

Thought we’d say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to each and every one of you that pre-ordered something in our online shop last week. All orders have now been sent out and our webshop is back open with a limited amount of stock, plus there’s a new way to show us your support if you find what we share useful/inspiring. Ain’t technology brilliant?! ✨☺️💻

Epic light/landscape combo. Driving/walking anywhere takes us an age because we stop every 20 seconds to take photos... Does anyone else have this problem?! But also can you really blame us when Scotland’s got its fancy autumn/winter outfit on?!✨🙌🏼🗻🤩 #HaarkonInScotland

The icing on our Scottish adventure cake... We took SO MANY photos of this place and a blog post tour is imminent but for now check out this greenhouse/garden on our stories... ✨🏢🌿#HaarkonInScotland #HaarkonGreenhouseTour

Just a few hours left to pre-order prints from our website. Also, you can find out the story behind this beauty in our stories. 🦌📷🌲 #HaarkonInScotland

Today is the last day to pre-order prints on our online shop. Be sure to order before midnight (UK time). We have totes available too ☺️ Thank you!

Celebrating 3 years of Haarkon back where we decided to make the website live, in front of the log burner at @blackshedskye after a week of being blown about in gale force winds and rained on like nobody’s business. 🙌🏼✨🔥#HaarkonInScotland

Continuing on from yesterday’s post about feeling small — how’s this for size? Can you spot India?

Also, a very helpful follower introduced us to Kant’s Mathematical Sublime, if you’re interested in why some things are difficult to comprehend in terms of scale it’s worth reading about. We didn’t really understand it, so if anybody can explain to us in plain English that would be great ☺️🙏🏼 #HaarkonInScotland

Indulging in Scotland’s rich landscapes to mark our 3rd year as Haarkon. We’ve highlighted our stories from this week because it’s all too good to miss - we LOVE Scotland and its drama. Sometimes it’s good to stand in front of something and feel really really small. Must be a name for that... 🗻#HaarkonInScotland

PRINT KLAXON : There’s just one week left to pre-order prints from our online shop. We put pretty much all of our money back into the Haarkon pot and use it to share our stories so thank you for supporting what we do. Also, we are sharing some flatlay/photography tips on the @photokina account 👍🏼📷🔆

Autumn in Amsterdam - our most recent visit is now live on our website with some new tried and tested recommendations. Link in profile or via stories 👍🏼✨🍁#HaarkonToursAmsterdam

Sengokuhara - a place we visited in the Hakone region of Japan that blew us away. It’s been the hero image on our website for a while and now we’ve released it as a print in our online shop. Now if only we could print video... ✨🌾 #HaarkonInJapan

Some greenhouse good-ness for your Wednesday. 🏢🌵#HaarkonGreenhouseTour

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