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Harlan Brent🔮🌚🇺🇸🌝💎  Love my country🇺🇸 Love my woman❤️ Blocked by @larrywheels Addicted to Now&Laters 525/375/675•1575 w/straps total 04’ GOAT🚦


595x4 (10lb PR)
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(Crazy my old 4rep PR was 560😭)
Also, thanks for the mad hype ammonia tab from @quadratic.quads 🙌🏻🙌🏽

300x3 top set.
Shoulder is still fucked. Idk why I even try to get stronger anymore lol

615x3 redemption set.
Last block I failed this twice. Regrouped and came in hungover as shit after losing about 8lbs this weekend and still got it so I know I got stronger 😭🙌🏻. Stoked. @quadratic.quads @m.smiley.girl with the motivation as usual.

With my beautiful date enjoying the evening with the newly wed Hupperts last night! Think Tim and Misha both deleted their Instagram a while ago lol but still a fun night!! @m.smiley.girl

495x10 just cuz
After 4x2@585@8ish

Honestly by rep 6 or 7 wasn’t even deadlifting properly was just lifting the weight haha if I had better lungs I think I coulda knocked out 15+ 😫
@m.smiley.girl with the motivation 💀


Still can’t flat bench. I’ll take the progress on incline I guess 😕

485x3 (10lb triple PR)

Still haven’t been able to get much volume in for squats as my groin and IT band are still not totally 100%. Been doing a lot of singles and doubles at lower RPE climbing steadily and getting my volume in from the leg press tbh haha. We’ll see what I can smash in the next month or so... aside from that 705 dead!! Also, good juju from @quadratic.quads @m.smiley.girl and of course @myles.to.kilos with the exclamations of peace 😂

5lb PR.

Caught my first foul ball last night!! Hell yes!! @m.smiley.girl @whateverfurever @petercasanova


5lb PR. Was supposed to pull a 630-640 single @7-8 but after pulling it and feeling like going up figured why not PR. Much slower than I cared for but it was def a clean pull and felt good getting back to the DL bar. 700 is so close!
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Trying different squat techniques each time I squat to minimize pain... 535ish is there for sure.

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