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Squishy cutting. I got this from Five Below. I don’t know why I chose to try and cut this with kid safety scissors lol. Tearing the squishy was much more satisfying to me than cutting it. If you didn’t already know- I’m in New Orleans! I’ll be hanging with some friends of mine you may know ☺️

Hiiiii all. I know I’ve been really inactive on my page (I’m trying to stay active on my story 😭), so I wanted to apologize for the lack of videos! The truth is, I have nothing filmed 😕 It has been a crazy couple of weeks and between being sick with the flu and opening my shop not long ago, I just haven’t had the time to film my reviews. I’m hoping I’ll get the motivation to do more reviews. It won’t be for awhile though...as I’m going on a suuuper exciting trip, where I will be meeting up/getting together with two well known and well loved slimer friends of mine 😏 Any guesses? I hope you all are staying healthy!
(Hint to where I’m going in my story!)

“Candy Crush Floam” from @tibbleslimes 🍬🍭 This was my first Tibble purchase! Finally after all this time 😅 I loooove the base of this one. It’s so super glossy and silky...so so soft. It makes amazing bubble pops. I wish it were crunchier with the beads- it feels like they didn’t really add much to the texture- but that’s personal preference! It smells like lime to me...maybe fruit loops or something? Either way, my favorite part was DEFINITELY popping all the bubbles this one makes, and admiring that gloss!
#h0nestslimereviews #tibbleslimesproof #tibbleslimes #slimereview #glossyslime #bubblepops #asmrslime

Beautiful, crunchy fishbowl from my trade with @potionslimes - I believe this one is called “Conch Pearl Crunch” 💕 So clear and pretty and sooo much crunch!
#h0nestslimereviews #potionslimes #fishbowlslime #crunchyslime #asmrslime

“Cherry Baby” from @muck.muds 🍒🍒 This smells soooo good. It reminds me so much of a Lip Smackers I had growing up. I love those beginning crunches in the jar! It makes such nice soft crunches nonstop. Super stretchy, no bead fall omg, lots of fun to crunch...I’m super happy with my first purchase from my pal Amanda! You guys should definitely check her stuff out if you haven’t already. I love her Net of Neutrality slimes! (This video is a little shorter than usual due to technical difficulties: aka my tripod literally falling apart while filming.)
#h0nestslimereviews #muckmuds #floam #crunchyslime #floamcrunch #slimereview #asmrfloam

“Lemon Funfetti Frosting” from my trade with @mintyslimey 🍋🎂 I love this texture! I’m obsessed with how creamy and matte it looks. The sprinkles are an adorable touch. Thank you Emily for trading with me! 💗

“Cupid’s Cheesecake” from my trade with @nutellaslimey 💘🍰 Ok guys if you didn’t already know, Ashley makes the BEST cloud slimes omg. I’m obsessed. This one came beautifully marbled pink and white with cute glitters on top but I couldn’t wait to film before playing with it 😝 This is so incredibly soft and fluffy, and drizzles so perfectly. I love this one and her cookie dough one. These clouds of hers...wow...just amazing. Thank you so much for trading with me, Ashley! 💞
#h0nestslimereviews #nutellaslimeyproof #cloudslime #slimetrade #slimeusa

“Banana Puddin” from @slimeonadestand 🍌🍌🍌 Yumm this one is sooo thick and glossy! It’s so fun to poke and pop the bubbles. Erin, my friend, thank you again for trading with me- I looove this one! 💗
#h0nestslimereviews #slimeonadestand #slime #thickslime #glossyslime #slimepoking #slimepopping #slimeasmr

“George’s Banana Pop” from @bookshelf.slimes 🐵🍌 This is seriously one of the best white glue floams ever. Soooo many beads, soooo crunchy, makes the best pops. My ears are blessed. Oh yeah, and it smells like bananas! 😄
#h0nestslimereviews #bookshelfslimes #floam #crunchyslime #floamcrunch #slime #asmrslime #slimeasmr #floamslime #whitegluefloam #slimeusa

“Champagne Toast” from my trade with @fancysqueeze 🥂 This is such a THICK jelly slime. It’s so nice- it reminds me of Swedish fish 😋 I love the color and the glitters- and it smells like strawberries! It makes awesome sounds and it’s super holdable. Thanks for trading with me! ❤️
#h0nestslimereviews #fancysqueeze #slime #jellyslime #slimeusa #slimetrade

“Caramel Latte” from my trade with @honeyjam.slime ☕️ This is sooo nice. I love how squishy and stretchy it is, and it makes the best sizzles and popping sounds. Also- she makes some of the BEST cloud slimes ever- I’m obsessed with hers. 💕
#h0nestslimereviews #honeyjamslime #butterslime #slime #slimetrade #slimeusa

“Lucky Charms” from my trade with @slimepuns 🌙🌈🍀 Isn’t this gorgeous?? It was so pretty and fun to mix these colors. The charms are adoooorable. I can’t get over how pretty this slime is! Thank you guys again for trading with me! 💞
#h0nestslimereviews #slimepuns #slimetrade #slime #cloudslime #slimeusa

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