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Bianca Glogovac  ⊆ↂᴥↂ⊇ card wars super amadeus


guess who who

smile like a donut

love love love

*vocaloid whistle*

@hopeyonekenobi made me feel like as light and ethereal as the colors 🌷

your hair looks just like starlight!

licked ur entire cheek after this too ‘( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)、

“My Neighbors the Yamadas” is probably the first movie I watched by Isao Takahata, and I watched it in my Japanese class back in high school. The more I think about his passing, the more focused I become on my path and dreams. I let myself cry today, and indulge in the memory of an amazing creator and inspiration. I think I just want to make people smile and feel nostalgic like the scenery in every Studio Ghibli movie, to give everybody a sense of magic and wonder! Anyways, thank you if you read this.

p excited for the new season to be out fiiiiiiinally

birffday photo montage by my luv // thank u 4 all of it 🧚‍♀️☀️💫

you got the BunnyHood! mmmy, what long ears it has! will the power of the wild spring forth?

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