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(@haflingerhooves)  why don't we just pretend that we're not falling into the deep end?

do you guys have any tips for keeping a horse from diving for grass? Hank is AWFUL at the new barn. the arena is covered in grass and there's lush grass right outside all the gates and in the trails. i've been “hustling” him, which means that every time he dives for grass i pull his head back up and immediately make him move his feet–trotting, doing rollbacks, backing up, etc. the goal of this is to basically have him associate reaching for grass with extra work. it's worked a little bit. however, the other day i noticed that his poor little nose was peeling from where the leather of his noseband had rubbed when i pulled up his head. guys, it's no easy matter to pull his head up. i have to pull on the reins with ALL MY MIGHT and even still he always manages to grab a few bites before relenting and pulling his head back. and i hate it. i feel so awful and i know that it's not just uncomfortable for him, but painful. but i can't just let him have his way all the time either. do any of you have any advice for us? he's a haflinger and he's HUGE and oftentimes insensitive, so it's not as simple as just tapping him or simply jerking the reins lightly. i'm working on respect with him as well. all the changes in our lives have caused his focus on me to shift, so i need to work on that. hopefully with time he'll learn to focus 100% on me even when there is grass around, but to start i would really appreciate some tips on keeping him from reaching for grass so often!

i've already posted this on @haflingerhooves but oh well. this is Rio (:

today was so good ahhh(: don't forget to check out @haflingerhooves!

happy Fourth of July everyone! i hate that i had to crop this guy's ear to fit in the photo, but oh well :( i posted on @haflingerhooves for the first time, check it out!

i got to see Hank today & took a few pictures at the new barn. i got pictures of mini donkeys, a miniature pony, and some shots of the new horses so if you're interested follow @haflingerhooves! i'm going to post some of them there once i get 50 followers.

hey guys so i started a new account! i'll still be on this one and i have no idea how much i'll use the other one but i just wanted to see where i could go with it. it's called @haflingerhooves and if you follow it i'll spam and/or follow you! i'll post some new photography and pictures of me and Hank soon (: i just wanted to start something new with all the changes going on. this account is hard for me to be on sometimes because of all the old pictures and a fresh start to go to will be nice.

this picture did not come out the way i planned but it's one of the only ones i have now so here you go.
Hank is settling into his new home nicely! he was sold to a non-profit farm that operates solely on volunteer work and donations. the lady who runs it does lessons for children with disabilities. i helped with one lesson last Saturday when Hank was moved and i really liked the way things were run. Hank instantly took a liking to a miniature pony and his buddy, a miniature donkey, so he's currently sharing a paddock with the two of them 😂 i'm planning on volunteering there and working with Hank some on Wednesday, so i'll update you guys then too. the lady has told me several times that i'm welcome to come see Hank and ride, and i'm very interested in getting more involved in the community there and volunteering, so we'll see how it goes. saying goodbye to Hank was not easy and i nearly broke down several times, but i am so grateful for the situation he landed in and for the heart of the people he's with now💛

his little neighs are the cutest.

sending him off to his new home tomorrow. & then i'm working there for a couple hours with my instructor before saying goodbye.

hey guys. so Hank is being sold to a special ed farm on Thursday. the owner said i am welcome to visit him as much as i want and she even mentioned wanting me to work him and keep him in shape since he won't be very active in lessons. this is a best-case scenario as i'll still be able to see him sometimes, if not as frequently and as freely as i do now. seeing him go will still be super hard, but i'm incredibly thankful that his new owner is open to letting me see him. and now that i have my license and will (hopefully) be getting a car in the near future, i'll be more available to make it over to his new barn. i will keep updating this account every now and then for you guys (: for now, however, enjoy a picture of Hank smiling for the camera.

one of my favorite pictures <3 i'm 16 now!!! and i'm getting my license next Monday 😏

my birthday is in two hours wow...i'm trying super hard to be excited and happy because it's my sweet sixteen and i have a big birthday party planned and stuff. and i AM excited and i know it's going to be great. but at the same time it's kind of hard bc of Hank. i've basically been forcing myself to not think about him leaving :( i'm sorry for not responding to any of the comments on my last photo or any dms—every time i read them i start crying. but i HAVE read them and i'm so grateful to each and every one of you for your kind words <3

not really sure how to say this, but here it is: my barn is closing down and my instructor is selling Hank in the next week or two.
there is no way i can afford him right now and buying him from her is not an option so please don't mention it. after two and a half years, i'm having my best friend taken away from me and that really, really sucks. so yeah. thank you guys for following our journey so avidly. you have been such an encouragement and i wish i could say that i was able to buy Hank, but not all dreams come true.
in fact, most don't.
i won't be very active anymore. i considered deleting this account but i'd like to keep it for the sake of the documentation and pictures of Hank and i. i will start taking lessons at another barn, but probably not until the school year starts again as i'm starting a full time job this summer and need the money for insurance/a car. thanks again for all the support.
i'm tagging a few accounts who have been super sweet and encouraging over these past couple years and i just want to thank you guys for being so great.
i'll post a few more times, at least until Hank leaves. this hurts more than most of you can imagine and i'd appreciate it if you could keep me/Hank in your prayers.

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