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•4% Marshmellow•  -Julia /12yrs old💫 -I have commissions open -Art Trades: maybe -Request: No -Feel free to make fanart


A smol quick gift for @_.kanji._ ily ❤️❤️❤️

Quick sketch of new minty, I really need a lighter pink for her

I still need to add the white gel pen lines and it also looks a lot better irl but commission for @sjw825

2nd adopt, I really wanted to keep this one but nah
Also she has water hair

Auto buy: $1
Offers: Art or full copics

Sunset adopt!
Auto buy: $1
Offers: Art and copics( or any alcohol based marker)

Contest prize for @asriel_the_hyperdeath !! I think I'm obsessed with Xezli !! She's so adorable 💫💫🌸🌸

Last 3 parts of mail trade with @appleychu I hope you like them ❤️

•Tags• #art #ponies #humanart #mermaid #mermay #flower #copics #cute #mailtrade

New quick oc I made! I THINK I LIKE DRAWING PONIES AGAIN WTF #birthofthecherries @_ziggy_lemon_

1/4 Mail trade with @appleychu !! I hope you like this! ❤️❤️

Wip, still need to fix up spots on the face and stuff

A b-day present for @giselle.morais aka my favorite aunt! Ily , UHHH INSTAGRAM WONT LET ME POST THE FULL ONE

Sketch of a collab with @animorphsfan_ekru

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