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first slime repost account💕  i don't own any content posted on this page. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀👇🏼how to make slime video👇🏼


i hate rainy days so much and its raining today🙄 (via @soyummy)

i just started a tv show called "the good place" on netflix and its actually pretty good i really like it!! do any of you guys watch it? Btw HOW amazing is this slime i love it (via @kickassslimes)

good night💕 tag someone who would like this ice crem😍 @me (via @southernlivingmag)

what do you think of the balloon trend? ALSO QUICK GUESS THE COLOR before it pops!!! (via @esquishyslime)

last post for the day💗 good night i need to sleep i'm so tired (via @snoopslimes)

I've been doing hw all day my hand literally HURTS🙄
do you consider yorself a night or day person? (via @soyummy)

in love with this video!! if you find slime or any type of satisfying videos that you want me to post you can share them with me via dm and i will see if i can❣️ trying my best to improve this account for you guys!! (via @fireflyslime on youtube)

art is amazing😍 (via @sopopomo)

short video😴 good night going to post some really satisfying videos tomorrow❤️ (via @slimeslime101)

comment what color you think it is before it explodes!! (via @pesterslimes)

⚠️warning!! loud music⚠️
i thought i could leave u guys a few tutorials bc these are so satisfying for me! (via @blossom)

good morning!! Who is your favorite slimer? (via @slime.jewel)

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