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Jesus  Eyes on the prize. ✌🏽

Celebrating the future Mr. And Mrs. Sarwary

Saint Mama Ro, there is no one better. Simple as that. The GOAT. πŸ’™

Padres got the Win tonight 😎

Happy Easter 🎣

Opening day in Americas finest city 😎

Day 3: Saw snow falling for the first time ever, taught 4 more people how to snowboard, and was offered Xanax by a heavily intoxicated female that was lost by our cabin.

Day 2: Amazon prime has seasons 1-5 of the wire. 20 minutes after snapping this picture I bruised my ass pretty good sledding down a hill.

Day 1: I was subjected to taking multiple cliche group pictures everywhere we went. Family trips πŸ˜‘

Day 3: Fuzz slipped and fell on some ice when someone started yelling go Padres! Go Padres!

Day 2: Taught myself to snowboard, taught kris to snowboard, taught Maria to ski πŸ’πŸ»

Day one: car got stuck on the icy driveway of the cabin

"That's a lot of goals dude"

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