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✦ Gypsy Vibes Art ✦ 🎪💀 Miami  »↣◈↢«☽☮☾»↣◈↢« 🦅 ↠ Living the Dream 📸 ↠ Book a Shoot 🎨 ↠ Purchase Prints ▫️ ▫️👇 👇 👇

🦅Living the dream! @caroescoda is such a dope soul with a hippie vibe. Every time I talk to her she’s exploring someplace badass from the jungles of the Amazon to the pyramids of Mexico. 💫 foto: @gypsyvibesart
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↟Always be open to your path and your journey ↠ @susetjo X @gypsyvibesart ☽ ๛
poet: @nahkobear
#journey #spiritual #gypsy #loveletterstogod

🖤⚡️You will never stop putting yourself together. You will never never stop breaking & you will never stop pouring yourself into all the things you love. You will never stop, never, because you are gentle, beautiful & delicate. Because all human life is fragile & all human life should be handled with care. So slowly break into the earth, softly pour yourself into the ocean & quietly pile yourself back together again. Doing so is what makes the light in you something worth stopping for & every time I do, you take my breath away. Thank you for being you.
poet: r.m. drake
acrobats: @gypsyon__ @pablos.perspective
photographer: @gypsyvibesart

⚓️ Shade from a tree and the ocean breeze, Not a care in my mind I'm exactly where I want to be, You tell me I'm lost and you tell me I'm wasted ↠ I'll tell you dreams are the only thing in life worth chasing 🌊
lyrics: @iration
@paulinaprana x @gypsyvibesart

➰ You keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild 🦅... What do you guys prefer, photo #1 or #2? 👆
@gypsyon__ x @pablos.perspective ▪️ @gypsyvibesart

🐺🎶" I'm cutting the bad fruit off of my tree to Lighten my load & grow me tall / Just like my dogma, this fire pit mantra, Covered in ashes now take me home / Shedding my antlers & making up answers, To the mystery of nature, so reach for the sun☀️ " ~ @nahkobear 🐺 /// 📸 by @gypsyvibesart

☽๛”The most beautiful amongst us all seem to be slightly broken, women especially. The ones worth knowing are beyond repair. She'll always be slightly off centered. A clock, never set perfectly, but you knew could still sing beautifully. And fools we are for attempting to fix her. Just read her, learn her, love her. Don't try to make sense of her past, or dare predict her future. Who she was, is not who she is, and is certainly not who she would be. You're not meant to understand her entirely. Because she's not sure who she is exactly. Let her sing her song. Watch her dance wildly to it. It's her time. Repairing that would only break her heart. And I would rather be ripped apart from her, then rip a part from her." ↠ @j.raymond ⚓️🌊 acrobats: @4everchanged2016 @cloudbreakacro 💀🌊 photographer: @gypsyvibesart

🦅 Love her but leave her Wild ↠ @atticuspoetry ◈ @caroescoda x @gypsyvibesart

🎶 Music's the healer, One Love is what we want, Love is all we got to give ❤️🌞💚 @nattalirize ◈ @caroescoda x @gypsyvibesart

☽๛"When you finally find her, I hope you know it. I hope you realize what it is you have, and not only after its gone. I have no sympathy for the person who held the door open for her, as she was leaving. Once she's gone, she's gone for good. And once she's through, so are you. I hope you listen when she's distant, and know that sometimes there is no right answer. There's only you, and her, and maybe all she needs is an aggressive kiss and your time. Don't miss these moments, and opportunities. This world is full of thieves, ready to steal her from you. Put her above everyone by building her up. Build her up and give her all of you to stand upon. Until she's standing so tall, she wouldn't, in her wildest dreams, think anyone could show her what you have. It's not romantic, it's work. And when you finally find her, I hope you know it - nothing worth having is free. You only deserve what you earn." ↠ @j.raymond ⚓️
Gypsy: @caroescoda
Photographer: @gypsyvibesart

🌞 1, 2 or 3!? Swipe 👆& let me know what’s your fav in the comments.
@skyy_highh23 x @gypsyvibesart

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