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🌜My mother is soil and rain,
clay, ash, sand, sun and moonlight.
My mother is a weeping willow—
strong, daring, dripping.
My mother is oceans so salty and wild
she can consume whole cities—
but, mostly, she chooses to be calm turquoise,
washing softly over toes in sand.
She is vast—
some places un-navigated.
She is offering, felt without words, sacred, and restful.
She grows life.🌛
poetry: ashley asti
goddesses: @taylluna @halllieparker
photographer: @gypsyvibesart

🌴🎶These are some beautiful days we living in and I couldn't be more thrilled with the skin I'm in ↠ I said im present and grateful.
🎵: @satsangmusic
🎥: @gypsyvibesart

🎶 🦅 “I never thought I needed medicine but I was spiritually dying, I needed some healing so I opened my mouth & took a dose of the music; Then I stopped and prayed for guidance now teach me to use it.” ↠ @nahkobear 💀
gypsy: @paulinaprana
photo: @gypsyvibesart

🌙As of today, my soul is transformed.
The past no longer affects me;
Only its lessons remain behind.
I am on a path of gratitude.
I am on a path of love.
I am on a path full of joyful discoveries.
My soul is not afraid to seek what’s meant for it.
Happiness comes to me from within.
poetry: @thediaryofagoddess
goddess: @juliamorgan_s
photographer: @gypsyvibesart

💀She got that witchy goddess vibe, mixed with a stardust hippie and a spiritual gangster 🖤🌙💀 @abigailgriley x @gypsyvibesart

🎶↟”Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. ↠Flee from hate, mischief & jealousy. ↡Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!” ↠
lyrics: @bobmarley
acrobats: @taylluna @halllieparker
photographer: @gypsyvibesart

🌴Miami!! I’m in ya this week. If you want to shoot South Florida, send a DM & let’s create some earthy magiq. 💀🌻🐢🐍 @maikadelic x x @gypsyvibesart

🌻You are worth your imperfections
you are worth your bad days
you are worth your good
you are worth your confusion
you are worth your insecurities
you are worth fighting for
and you are worth loving.
And that’s a fucking fact.
poetry: @atticuspoetry
lovers: @caleb_dragiff
photographer: @gypsyvibesart

📿Into this smoke I release
All energies that do not serve;
All negativity that surrounds;
And all fears that limit.💀🌙 @abigailgriley x @gypsyvibesart

🌙The moon has always been
the ocean’s most jealous lover.
But every time he has tried
to fully control her tides,
she has turned into
a terrible tempest
and broken through his chains
with such fury,
only allowing him
the illusion of control
on her smallest, weakest tides.
Woman, you are the ocean.
And no one, not even the moon itself
is allowed to control
your glorious, beautiful tides.
Poet: @nikita_gill
mermaid: @caroescoda
photographer: @gypsyvibesart

✩🦅 "She was a wild child; raised by untamed stallions & livin free like a river raging." ↠ 💀
goddess: @gracefultrails 🍃 photographer :@gypsyvibesart

🧚‍♀️ Do you believe in magiq? 🧚‍♀️ @peaceloveanais x @gypsyvibesart

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