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Sheila Raith

Happy one year anniversary mango blueberry smoothies for me and the coolest dog ever!

I had an actual weekend off...I am so relaxed and ready to start a new job on Tuesday :)

Goodbye half assed whole house stereo system you've been replaced! (Aestheticly by this super rad picture frame and phonetically by a wireless speaker)

This week the top next week the bottom! #paintingforever

The latest addition to my kitchen

This week's before and current lighting situation leaves a lot to be desired, the LED bulbs I got suck they are really dim and very blue....

Tackling the ugly mirrored cabinets today...

Playing with new hair....what'dya think?

Say goodbye to the ocean, stopped to hug my cousin and my aunt and now our amazing 4 days is up and it's back to work so we can pay for our next trip!!! #Siouxsie&;Banshee #roadwarriors

Back in the hood....

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