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Sheila Raith

I have not been this excited or happy about a thing!!! My new mattress is here....I will no longer own what has been deemed "The most uncomfortable bed in town"

<3 Happy Birthday Siouxsie Too!!! <3

I haven't made a cake in awhile....evidently I still can!

I told her she looks like she gained a few pounds this winter....evidently thems fightin'words! #siouxsietoo #americanbulldogsofinstagram

What happens when you give me two days off without my truck and it's snowing?
FOOD!!!! Panky Crusted Cod with sweet potato fries and spicy greens AND pumpkin cranberry chocolate chip cookies #fatkidatheart

Outta bed and hittin' the's going to be a good weekend

When all you want to do is sleep before your graveyard shift but your brain has other plans....

The beginning of the storm. 9 am Friday.....

I can't leave this dimension or the planet but this definitely helps....

Good morning Spokane. ..I can't see you but I know you're out there somewhere.....

Three very different January 26ths
You would think I get around.....

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