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I can’t remember ever having a place of my very own. I don’t think that i ever have. I’ve always shared with housemates or partners. -
This space is my own.
This time is for me. -
I’ve shifted so much in the past couple of months it’s almost hard to recognize me at times, and I’ve never felt better as a result. -
I’m unafraid to shed the layers of myself that are no longer serving me. I’m empowered by the steps I’ve taken to transition into this new phase of my life, and I’m loving focusing on the things I’ve never before allowed into my force field because i didn’t feel i deserved to have them, and therefore chose (out of fear) to pretend that i didn’t want or need them. -
Endlessly grateful for this new cycle of life, and the people that have and continue to stand by me on this journey of life.
Using geranium over my heart chakra and whisper on my wrists.✨
Happy in all @aloyoga summer line. Check me out in the lookbook if you haven’t already.🤓

I have had many people asking me how to bounce back, if you will, from a partnership. -
Honestly, as sad as parting can be it is also beautiful. -
Beautiful because you’re getting another chance to work on you, without the compromises you make with your time and life decisions, inevitably, in romantic relationships. -
It’s also beautiful because you get to experience parting from someone that you loved with all your heart and know that you’ll survive, so you can be brave enough to give your whole heart again, and not break apart if it doesn’t work out “forever.”
But i think the most beautiful part is letting go of that attachment to a future that you thought was meant for you, when the universe has other ideas in mind. Letting go of the conditioning that led you to believe that if it doesn’t last forever it wasn’t worth your time at all. Letting go of the fear of feeling like you’ll never find another human to love you like they did, again. -
Because if that’s what you want in life then you’ll have it, one way or another, and if you decide that that was all societies pressure the whole time, then you have the rest of your life to live your purpose, just for you. -
And so it is.✨
Thanks for the inlocate to extension @waterman_yoga in my @aloyoga

I think it makes *some* people upset that I’m here sharing my truth with the world and being free from others opinions as a result, because it puts them behind proverbial bars, their lives stuck under a cloak of their own shit, on blast. -
I guess i trigger them. They must wonder how i get to live so freely when they have never acquired the tools to set themselves free. But i know what it’s like to not have the tools, because i had to learn them myself and cultivate an environment where i could sharpen them daily. -
I want to help but please don’t disguise your judgements as accountability to make your conscience feel better. 🙌🏽
*Reposted* and added some more fun things i did with @acroevo before i left SD in @aloyoga

“I am held.”. -
I read those words today. -
The words I needed to see, to be reminded of, because one can not be reminded enough. -
I am held. -
I am supported by the universe and regardless of all else I can trust in that alone. -
I do believe that the more you trust the more you bare witness to the signs the universe lays out for you. -
It's a skill like any other, like when the lights go out in a bright room and it takes a bit for your eyes to adjust but once they do, you can start to see again. Like a cat in the night you can follow the signs that you now know are there. -
Fine tune your keen sense of awareness and I don't believe your spirit will ever feel misled.✨
Thanks for making me look so fierce @eijiphoto 🦁

I’ve decided not to take my return flight to the states. -
I like it here. It feels good for me, and I’m excited about spending time somewhere I’ve always wanted to spend more time, so I’m going to follow that because i need something to be excited about. -
I need the medicine provided by the jungle and the trees. They’ll help my heart heal, so I’ll be here nurturing myself, working towards my goals with a fiery passion, and waking up at 4:30am because this dream isn’t about monetary compensation, it’s about living life full of purpose. ✨🌺🌴

Always surprised when i get asked to be a ‘yoga model’... I’m like “you know I’m 5’2 right?”
So incredibly honored to have shot with @aloyoga in Cabo last September for the lookbook for this summer’s line! -
It’s out today so go check it (and me😏) out!!!✨🙌🏽✈️
Also, thank you to everyone behind the scenes that make this all happen and turn out so beautiful!!!🙏🏻

Silly trolls tattle-tailing to instagram (for language?😂) and getting my last post removed, they think they can dull my sparkle and ruin my day but they don’t know how busy i am loving myself right now. 🙌🏽✨
I’m too preoccupied dropping the self limiting beliefs that I’ve carried for long enough, and doing what i need to do to manifest the sh*t i never thought that i could or deserved to have in this life. The ceiling that i once put on my oh-so-low-house, has been blown straight off. 💨
Heading to Maui for a new adventure, see you guys on Sunday April 14th for a yoga and essential oils workshop!💙 (sign up in my bio)✈️
PC @jennaalexanderstudio miss you and your tiny tub full of flowers 🌺

Getting to watch my only sister transform into her role as a mother and witnessing her and Wilder’s strength through his seven week stay in the NICU these past couple months has been a really beautiful experience for me. -
My sister has always been a pillar of stability in my life. As I’ve roamed the world endlessly throughout the last decade, I’ve always been able to count on her for mailing address, soft bed, or quite home from time to time. -
Very thankful to have my sister in my life and even more excited to watch her continue blossoming into this new territory to which i know she’ll excel. 💙

There is no ‘compromising’ when it comes to your goals and dreams in my eyes. -
One of the definitions of compromise is to accept standards that are lower than desirable. Others include coming to terms or making a deal, but how can you make a deal on the things that drive you to wake up at 5:30 in the morning? Where is the compromise in your passion, and how can you sacrifice on the dreams you’ve had for as long as you can remember?
These are hard lines for me. -
Boundaries for which can not be over stepped by anyone because my dreams are more important to me than any relationship ever has been. -
I know many women, especially, tend to compromise for their relationship and that is personal preference as long as that is your intention. Being a life partner or having a family can be ones dharmic purpose like anything else but we must know in our hearts that what we have chosen for our lives is what will provide the fulfillment our spirit drives us to seek. -
This is our greatest gift to the world, to find that which makes you whole and never let it go....💙

It’s been extremely difficult to process my recent uncoupling. -
Separating from someone i love so much it hurts because i knew that we weren’t doing our best together wasn’t easy, but i wasn’t prepared to lie to myself and pretend that everything was fine. -
It wasn’t fine. We weren’t growing together and as a result we began growing apart. The love i have for him is so immense that i would consider sacrificing the one thing i yearn for more than any other (growth 🌱) for that love but you know what? I can’t. -
It doesn’t work. You don’t get to choose. You don’t get to decide how you feel and you can’t trick yourself into believing something that’s not true, it’ll always come up. -
So i made the hardest decision I’ve ever made and I’ll tell you one thing; I’ll be damned sure that my dreams are achieved for the sacrifices I’ve made for this path, if it’s the last thing i do. ✨
PC @eijiphoto

Courage doesn’t always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying “i will try again tomorrow.” -
#maryanneradmacher -
My absolute favorite camo leggings from @aloyoga and base bra in alosoft

I thought about the myriad of things i could post today, after what may be one of my longest Instagram breaks in history, before i realized that my bloodshot and puffy eyes are what feel most authentic to me in this moment. -
I wish i could say i enjoyed Austin as much as it looks like i did in my story, but truthfully, it was the toughest trip I’ve made in a really long time. Possibly ever. -
I was dreading it for days, weeks even, leading up to the venture. I knew that although some of it would be spent with friends in moments of brief laughter, eventually I’d have to be alone with my thoughts for a very long period of time, headed away from the family I’ve called home for the last three years. -
I drove 20 hours straight Saturday morning into San Diego last night, only stopping four times for gas. I knew that if i lingered too long to get food or sleep i may not have the strength to keep going. -
It was hard to see the road through eyes that couldn’t stop the steady stream of tears, wavering between total body heaving sobs and audible whimpering. -
Therefore a sad selfie and my “enough” necklace from @redzjewelry is all I’ve got for you today, because she does seem to know me well with where I’m at. Save 10% with code gypsyon10.

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