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Gypsylunagreen🌙  🌙🍃 wander freely. Taking a cleansing hiatus from social media .

Proud is an understatement.. This man is crushing goals and taking names. I’m just glad he’s kept me around to watch him blossom. ✨ .
#hesknownmesinceiwas3 #mightaswellcallhimdaddy

Look who I just found. 👀👀 @digitalicon with @texasinkedmagazine .

We are out here at @villainarts in Houston!

Good morning, party people! ✨
Started off with my @dandyblend and local honey.. moved on to breakfast @zazahouston
then headed to Farmers market here in Houston. . @urbanharvesthouston

Guess who is getting a new print!
Thanks @mindzaicreative for the @staceymartintattoos print. ✨

Guess who cooked collard greens for the first time . My cooking is always Cajun inspired. My roots run deep... so it was about time to tap those and let my ancestors guide me while cooking. ✨💕 They turned out just like my Gg’s. .

#cajun #collardgreens #digdeep #cooking #latenight #latergram #latenighteats #foodporn #foodie

Oh Mexico. ✨

😌 vacay has been good...
Aside from getting toasted yesterday in the Cozumel sun while snorkeling.🐟🐠

No filters needed... thanks Cozumel 😩

There's no bigger blessing than being a parent. ✨


Roast and bone broth in the making with some joint and meaty bones. ✨
Huge thank you to wild earth texas and Monica's for the delicious meat. 💕


When he's better at girl stuff than you... Thanks @matinktx .

Usually I wouldn't post personal photos of my kiddo on this account.. but soon I will be merging this into a holistic living page. (Whenever I finally decide to get a new phone with a camera that works 😅) But these photos were too good to pass up. Getting them done was a hassle.. hence the egg my kid dismantled from the display.. but whatever. 4 is a hell of an age.

#easter2018 #weknockedontherabbitseyes #theyrefake #longhairdontcare #4yearoldproblems #bunny #momlife

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