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G y p s y 𓂀𓆃  ༺♫༻ ⋆melodic enchantress ☾ ⋆movement magic ๛ ✎ gypsyenquiries@gmail.com

Don’t hate.
I can’t apologise
when we don’t resonate.
then take
a few steps back.
See how you would receive,
see how you would react
if you were not to know..
Then how can we grow?
In a world of bitter judgment
nobody can win.
Admit you are a student to life,
that’s where we can begin.

As humans, most of us are just trying to figure this shit out..
The dancefloor is one of these sacred spaces (knowing it consciously or not), that we come to do the inner work.
In that space of no words, our bodies are the only thing we communicate with.
As we move to the music, we begin to enter a trance state of no-mind where we are able to drop into our hearts and receive clearer guidance on our earth walks.
For many of us, we require certain ‘medicines’ to drop into this space. This is where we often take drugs, as we know it will alter our perception and bring us to a place where our conscious minds aren’t able to access.
I believe many of us are doing this at festivals but without awareness of it.. I see most of you in your spaces of working shit out on the dance floors.
However, I really want to bring light to this, as incredible some of the experiences with these medicines can be, the aftermath mostly takes its toll on your body, drains your energetic resources, and you aren’t able to properly integrate the revelations you had come to.
There is just one very very simple key ingredient to this process, and that is INTENTION.
When you take your medicine, sit with it before hand, tune into your body to see how much you need.. and set your intention for the journey. Spirit will hear you and work with you through this. When you feel lost, broken or confused, come back to your intention and it’ll light your path again.
Festivals can be a truly transformation place, it is set up with so much magic to give you guidance whatever your journey needs to be.
Please, just party with purpose.. dance is prayer, be conscious of what you’re calling in and moving through. Have people around you that you can trust. And then just forget it all, don’t take anything too seriously and have a good time. 😅

The smiling master :
Ivory’s Rock {please, if anybody knows the true indigenous name of this mountain, I’d love to know}.. Guardian of the space and anchoring the new way dreaming at @earth_frequency festival °⋆✩

These days everything I experience feels like Ceremony to me.. I see the ritual in every breath, every moment.
So festivals have become less and less of a ‘let’s get wasted and forget about reality’ and more of a conscious weaving of synchronistic unfolding and transformation of the inner and outer worlds.
The first few days at Earth Frequency were a real challenge for me. I felt so much resistance within me to drop into the festivities, I caught myself in such judgment of the youth and the lack of respect they had for their own bodies and well-being through witnessing so much drug taking. Caught up amongst stories of past years and expectations of what I had once seen this festival deliver, I had blinded myself from experiencing the magic in the present moment, and the beauty and joy that truly wanted to reveal itself to me.
Saturday night I assisted my dear friend, Medicine mamita @anchoringthelight on her Cacao Ceremony, and just before that ceremony I came to her almost in tears.. I could feel everything, and my body was shaking with high anxiety from the overwhelm of energy present at the festival. We both knew this Ceremony was about to shift big things.
As I have done a few times now, I danced in the directions as Jemma called in the guides. For me, dancing in the spirits is the way I know best.. and when I enter that space, my body becomes an empty vessel for spirit to move through me and anchor in the light codes that need transmitting. I witness source energy filling my body with light, and how that anchors and ripples out to every body around me.. like a tidal wave of change. And that’s when I realised something of the most importance...
Too often we involve ourself in our surroundings, we attach emotional feedback to our perceptions and in turn it throws us on an exhausting energetic rollercoaster. We should instead take a step back and simply witness the world around us, from the space of the witness we can be humbled by the many complexities and paradoxes that make up this world, and be humbled by our small part we play amongst it all.
I feel like i see it all so much clearer from that space.
.. more to come on next post ♡ ࿎

♡ ⋆
Love is not just something you give and receive..
Love is what you are.
Love is what you breathe.
Love is the flower that blooms effortlessly.
Love is the bird that sings every morning.
Love is the heart in your chest that with every beat works relentlessly for the most precious being it knows, You.
Of course you are worthy of love my sweet angels, you ARE love.
And with every waking moment this beautiful world is trying its hardest to show it to you.
♡ ⋆


Cause where I'm from
We live by the love
Die by the love
Today is the same as any other, forever changing.
But one thing remains unchanging,
like the stars in the sky and the sun that rises every morning..
I’m here for love, til the day I die.
That’s all.

Tomorrow I will be spending my valentines with two of my greatest loves : dancing & chocolate 😁💕
If you’re in Byron Bay then this is not one to be missed. My friend @anchoringthelight puts on the most beautiful cacao ceremonies and the cacao gets you fully fuckin littttt .. then you sweat in your prayers to some awesome tunes .. dj spinning tomorrow will be Hamilton who is the other half of the majestic sounds that is @deyadova .. it’s going to be epic 🙌🏽
Sacred Chocolate - 7pm - Heartspace - Byron Bay ✨🍵💃🏽🔥❤️

I have a confession to make,
because all this time I’ve been calling myself a Musician...
and the truth is,
I’m not.
A songstress, yes.
A melodic weaver of magick, pretty much.
But I just can’t bring myself to the title of Musician.
I have absolutely no interest or passion to pick up and play or learn any instrument apart from my voice.
The guitar you see me play when I sing my music has been in my hands but rarely touched my fingertips for the last 11 years.. yeah wtf hey?! I should be better right?
But I just can’t bring myself to enjoy it.
I live and breathe music, but not in the way a musician does.. I hear music as a dancer, it shows me how to move. And I write music as an artist.. no genre, no form, no structure.. just painting my lyrics and melodies straight from an etheric realm of inspiration wanting to be born into form.
But hear me out, cause this post has a little cry for help in it.
I really really want to be singing more.. but I need musicians to come help me.
I’m calling for collaborative musical magick.. I wanna hear from any musicians, producers and sound wizards that feel my flow and want to support my musical growth...! .
Currently based on the Gold Coast, Australia .. but can travel as this gypsy does.
Holla at ya girl.. Peace ♕

She was wild and holy.
The trees became her teachers
and the forests were her temples.
An initiate to life.
Remembering the ancient ways.

There’s a space of deep knowing
where words cannot exist,
caught a wave of exploration
from the moment that we kissed.
We dance between the lines
of the dreaming and reality.
Breathing hope into a world
in the constructs of duality.
Our heartbeats echo thunder,
and there’s oceans in the sky.
Sipping life’s sweetest nectar
brings holy waters, you and I.
My wandering soul rests now
as my heart can no longer roam.
For the warmth of you upon my skin
all at once just feels like home.

Yea, I’m one to preach self-love, but I’m gunna get a little vulnerable right now and talk about Self-Pleasure.
See, up until a few years ago this was all a bit foreign to me.. I grew up in England, where pretty much anything that brings you joy or pleasure is repressed, ridiculed and just not talked about. Even the word ‘masturbation’ made me cringe.
Don’t get me wrong, I tried.. but I felt like I was fumbling around in the dark searching for that ‘on’ button.
I convinced myself that in order to receive pleasure I needed the energy of another, that heart connection was the key to my orgasmic unfolding.. (although don’t get me wrong, there is nothing quite unlike this)
Then I started playing around with vibrators.. but that didn’t satisfy my soul one bit! It was so far from anything real, it felt robotic, and the climaxes I achieved in the process seemed to contract my body rather than expand.
Now there’s a key word; Expansion.
Anything you do in life should lead to expansion.. and when you feel contraction, that’s your body/mind/spirit telling you it’s not right.
Sex is fucking sacred, and your body knows what’s going to guide you into ecstatic joy, true pleasure and expansion.
So here’s where self-pleasure comes in..
for EVERYONE is different yeah.
So spend time exploring your own body.. the sensations that give you tingles, the way your breath changes, from the lightest touch to a deeper penetration.. it’s a journey.. don’t rush to your desired destination.. revel in the bliss of this whole experience. Let this become your meditation, your moment to give back to yourself.
From here, you take full responsibility for yourself and your pleasurable life.
I don’t wanna hear any more of this ‘my partner doesn’t give me pleasure’ crap! If you know what turns you on.. guide them, tell them!
Men have spent years learning their sexual education from watching porn, or spent time pleasuring an ex lover and thinks you’re the same.. here you can tell them where you’re different and how they can touch your unique universe.
Be your own Queen.
You hold the key to the garden.
Reclaim your power.
From there you can choose who you share your sacred unfolding with.
♡ ࿎

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