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Caitlin Turner  Journeying through the endless possibilities to live a life that I love, then sharing it all with you. ✌🏻️❤☀️🌴🌸✈️🌎️🙈

I used to despise when people asked me the personal growth question: “What’s your superpower?” ⚡️
They’re not asking for teleportation, levitation, or invisibility as answers. The ones I’ve always heard are to be expected: “my kind heart” “my ingenuity” “my creativity” etc., but I never felt like I had a solid answer, and I certainly didn’t feel like I had any come to mind as quickly as everyone else’s seemed to. 😬
That question used to really stress me out, but I realized today that my experiences so far this year have finally led me to know my answer:
My intuition. ⚡️
My gut feelings can be my guardian angels, if I let them, and now I’m listening... 🔮
COMMENT and tell me your superpower! ⚡️
📸: @dancampbelllloyd
👙: @kys_kinis

Join the #Take3Challenge! 🌊🌊
@take3forthesea is hosting a challenge to inspire you to pick up 3 pieces of trash, take a photo, and tag 3 friends to do the same! 🙏🏼
The goal is to remove 1 MILLION pieces of litter internationally through grassroots conservation! 🙌🏼
I challenge @aubrymarie @shanarehwald and @sarabaldoni to join the #take3challenge 😘 Thanks for challenging me @plasticfreemermaid! 🧜🏼‍♀️
This challenge is cooking over the next two months. Comment your favorite sea creature emoji if you’re in! 🦀

I’m an expert at talking myself out of things that are good for me sometimes, but I’m working on it. I’ve rolled out my mat a hundred times since I moved here in July, but today, I finally stepped onto it to practice again. This victory may seem small, but to me it’s everything. 💗
🎶: Dirty Heads “Warming Sun”
Flowing in @aloyoga 🧘🏼‍♀️

I have a lot of fear around the concept of having so many people feel like they see me, each of them taking their assumptions and opinions of me as facts, whether they’re anywhere near the truth or not.
It’s even scarier allowing people to actually see me as I am, rather than controlling their perspective of me...or trying to...controlling others perspectives rarely works as well as we think it does, because people are often more aware of the truth than we give them credit for.
I’m really scared of rejection, and I think that’s a big part of why I’m so afraid to be myself here most of the time.
If you reject gypsetgoddess, my alter-ego who is not fully me, it’s almost like it doesn’t touch me. She acts as a wall between your judgments and my feelings.
It doesn’t always work though. Gypset is a good security blanket, but she doesn’t stop me from forgetting sometimes that numbers don’t define me.
That’s the hard part, as Instagram is a fickle place. One day you’ve gone viral and you’re loved, the next day, people begin to tire of you, and move on to the next viral sensation.
I try so hard to remind myself that these numbers are arbitrary, governed by an algorithm that doesn’t make sense to any of us. I try to remind myself not to take it personally when a post performs badly or when I lose followers, but it’s hard not to feel like when you don’t like my page or my photo, you’re actually not liking me.
These fears and insecurities don’t only arise in the Instagram realm, otherwise I’d just quit. They’re strong there, but the truth is, they’re everywhere, impacting everything else I do too.
I try to make each share a practice in loving myself whether you agree with me or not, but some days are harder than others.
I’m usually scared to share these thoughts, because I feel like in the big scheme of world issues, my inner turmoil is minor and unworthy of a share, and I don’t like to seem melodramatic or like a “poor little privileged white girl”... but in giving in to those fears, I fail, because I’m still too focused on how I seem to YOU.
So here’s a share I usually wouldn’t share, and based on your likes, comments, or lack thereof, may or may not ever share again. 🔮

We were only in Austin for less than 24 hours, but @aubrymarie and I managed to have SO much fun! Totally worth the 3 flights in a day and a half. 👯‍♀️✈️
Sidenote: I had never before been a Samsung girl, but the camera and photo quality of the #galaxys10 legit has me reconsidering that decision. Thanks for all the memories and this cute photo @samsungmobileusa! 😍

@aubrymarie and I had such a blast partnering with Samsung yesterday and playing with everyone who came out to see us at the @samsungmobileusa Galaxy Experience Tour at SXSW in Austin! 😃
With Instagram being down yesterday, I was pretty bummed I wasn’t able to let you all know we would be there for this surprise class, but a bunch of you still found us and we had such a blast with you! 💗
For the rest of this week, @samsungus has a great lineup of wellness teachers coming in to share their knowledge with you, and help you find moments of calm amidst your SXSW festival experience. 🙌🏼
To find the Samsung Galaxy Experience Tour pop up, head over to 701 Trinity St. Classes happen each day at 12pm, and you should definitely pop in for a class and check it out! 😃
📸: taken on a #galaxys10 😍

How old were you when you found yoga? ✨
I started practicing yoga when I was 20 years old, during a pretty crazy time in my life. 🙌🏼
I was partying a lot, and having trouble finding a sense of direction for where I wanted my life to go, and how I wanted my daily life and my future to look and feel. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Finding a consistent yoga practice helped me learn how to tune in to my heart, and listen to my intuition, which were the two pieces of the puzzle that had been missing as I tried unsuccessfully to find my direction in life. 🙏🏼
Gratefully, not only did yoga help me find my direction, but it actually became my direction. My practice gave me so much clarity, that I wanted to help others find the same thing. That’s when I decided to become a teacher, and that decision led me to the life I’m living now. 🙌🏼
The one thing I often wonder, is how my life might be different had I found yoga as a child or teen. Growing up is hard, and I think having the coping mechanisms and inner calm of a consistent yoga practice would have helped me a lot. That’s why I’m so excited that @aloyoga launched #Alogives today, which will give 2 million school children the opportunity to experience the benefits of a daily yoga and mindfulness practice! 😃
@shanarehwald @wirthit @crystalyogini111 @sp__cecase @lifeinabeachtown how old were you when you found yoga? 💗

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Winner: @michele10488. Congratulations Michele! Please contact @maunaloahelitours for next steps. Hope you and your guest enjoy the ride! 🚁😃
Do you live on or are you heading to Kauai or Oahu? Do you want to experience the @maunaloahelitours trip that @shanarehwald and I went on last week? Now’s your chance! 😃
1️⃣ Follow @maunaloahelitours 🚁
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*Feel free to make multiple comments and tag multiple friends! Each one counts as an entry. 😃
Winner will receive a free helicopter tour for 2 with @maunaloahelitours on their choice of Oahu or Kauai. Winner will be announced in this caption on March 17. GOOD LUCK! 🌸

Know your worth, then add tax. 😉
👙: @saltandseakauai

The signs are there if your eyes are open. 👁
TAG a friend who doesn’t believe in coincidence. 🔮

Remember when you wanted what you currently have? I do, and some days I get sad, because I guess I thought a lot of this would feel different than it does. 😬
My new practice is to see myself through the eyes of my former self, the one who dreamed of being who I am now. 😍
She wouldn’t tell me I’m not good enough. She would remind me how far we’ve come, and to feel grateful for what we see in the mirror and where we find ourselves today. 🙌🏼
If you’re going to listen to the voices in your head, choose one that’s proud of how far you’ve come. 💥
📸: @shanarehwald #yoga
Rocking @aloyoga at @timberskauai

Cue Steve Miller Band “Fly Like An Eagle” (aka the ultimate helicopter ride soundtrack, whether you actually like the song or not). 😉
This island is even more breathtaking than I ever could have imagined, and I’m so grateful to have had this special chance to see it up close and personal from the sky. 🙏🏼
Thank you @maunaloahelitours for an epic morning spent seeing Kauai like I’ve never seen it before! 🚁
Check out my story to see some incredible views!

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