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I miss Summer because all I did was gymnastics at the pool and beach😂 who relates??
comment “POOL” letter by letter without getting interrupted for a follow😱(3)
@tumbling.zara @twistingtori
cover art by MsgtBob (collab)

falling with “grace” 😂
whoever comments the most gets a shoutout and gets to be in a relate!! choosing a winner in 24 hours😊
@chalkyedits @triplefull @chloetumblez @tumblingmya @dancergeorgia @gymnast.karina.x

I love making montages of you all :) You all are so so talented and I love when you all send me videos of yourself!! I’m going to start switching off doing fail and success videos from now on :)
sick video of @theinsanetumbler😍 (follow her because she is so talented and was deleted at 100k+ ;)

It’s so hard to condition when you know for a fact you will be so sore the next day😂😂
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gymnastics wherever you go🤷🏻‍♀️😂
after the best drop😍
try to count to 1,500 in the comments with working together!! If you all can do it I will follow 2 people who helped :)
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preview of a future relate :)
so yesterday I hit my head pretty bad and went to the doctor. I have a head injury (it’s not a big deal, i’m just supposed to take it easy for the next 2 days) so I can’t count up the gymternet awards because it hurts my head to look at the screen so long. If anyone would be kind enough to help me out and count up the votes that would be absolutely amazing❤️ DM me if you can!! (featured: @twistingtori @tumbling.zara-two of my fav accounts by the way😍)

this has happened to me more than once before and it hurts SO MUCH😂
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omg this is so cool😱
comment the best and worst part of your day :)
edit: sorry for anyone who was offended by harm to the elephant. i’m sure it was fine, but yes I agree this is probably not so safe.

there are so many fails in this😂
I mean why not backflip off of everything you see?!
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how gymnasts drive cars?😂
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love this @officialtumblers
(this is a joke, please don’t actually try this!!)

posting this iconic video with kelly for carrie bc i didn’t have time for a relate sowwyy - @ivyflips

when people comment on your muscles😅
whoever comment the most in 24 hour gets a shoutout or a follow!! (you choose :)
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