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guess the gymnast!!
what an incredible save on beam😍 I always thought that saving skills on beam like this looks like swimming😂
what’s the highest score you’ve gotten on beam??

name the gymnast🤪 do you watch college gymnastics? I LOVE IT!! what’s your favorite team??

classic😂 even when the trampoline is covered in snow, we always want to practice😂 do you have a trampoline?

comment “OUCH” letter by letter without getting interrupted😂
happy friday everyone!! hope you all had a great week :) love u guys💘 have an awesome weekend!!

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how many back handsprings did she do??
this is so cute😂 I wish I could do this many backhand springs at this age!!

tag someone who should try this😍 I definitely want to learn!! I’ll either fail or it’ll be really cool hehe

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the amount of letters in your name represents how many kids you will have😂 how many is that??
C-A-R-R-I-E: i’ll have 6😂💘
happy fail friday everyone! hope you had a great week, and hope next week is even better! love u all💘

omg😂 good save!! does this ever happen to you??

comment “SKILL” letter by letter without getting interrupted:)
omg so cool😍 who else has cool little acro moves in their floor routines? what skills do you do?

comment “THANKS” letter by letter without getting interrupted:)
sooo this post seems a little weird, because it’s not thanksgiving anymore, but in actuality, it’s always a good day to show gratitude!! (also this post was copyrighted so I had to reedit😂) what are you thankful for??

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