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your third emoji is your mood....what is it? mine is🤑 haha
ok so I may be crazy, but I sometimes get into like weird flipping moods and I feel like I just HAVE to flip😂 does this happen to anyone else, or just me?? haha
@flippinolive @kaleatumbles @brooketumblss

preview of today’s relate!!
can you guess what it is??🤔
posting in about 2 hours ish😂💘
video featuring the very talented @britthertz ;)

whoever guesses my favorite candy gets a shoutout :) comment what you think it is!!
happy friday everyone! you made it through the week😂 hows school been?? it’s been hard for me, but i’m managing :) hope you all enjoy this follower montage!! you guys are so so talented💘 #tgif

who’s excited for today’s follower montage??🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

send in SUCCESS videos for tomorrow friday follower montage!
going to change it up a bit and not post a fail video this week. instead, enjoy this one clips that @vivi.flips sent into me😂

here’s the video if mya and I meeting :)
posting the full video from our day later!!💘

comment what time you have to wake up for school! I wake up 6:30😴
I eat mat more than food😂 everyone always laughs haha
these clips were sent into me by followers :) comment if you recognize anyone so I can tag them!
@coachdeavera @ya.blo4ko @lovaflips

preview of today’s relate😂
can you guess what it is??
posting in about two hours :)

comment “FACE” letter by letter without getting interrupted:))
who else makes a weird face when they tumble?? I always do😂 @chloesmithfit :)

your battery percentage is how old you will be when you get old will you be?😂🤔
Sometimes group chats get so annoying and I mute them😂 what about you??

guess the gymnast🤔🦋
I find this pass so cool! I love college gymnastics, it’s so fun to watch :)

having an awesome time with @tumblingmya!! and we bumped into @sagelallyphoto and took a couple shots :)

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