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Ronja || ily 34K💓  Gymnast | 14 work hard, dream big✨ meeting erin, chelnie & maya😍

new videooo😛
heyo, it's @gymnastsandra posting for ronny cuz she can't💓
loveu ronny

new video💓
it's telma posting this video of Ronja, Aurora and me :)
Aurora is in blue, Telma is in white and Ronja is in black :)
ILU Ronja ❤

lmao i shouldn't be laughing but HHAHAHAHHA

okay so @gymnasts_relate is holding these contests and i know i won't win any bc i'm not special in any way HAHHA but i really wanna win the category "most flexible"😂 we all know that @tumblingmya, @olivialyson_ and @dancerkennedy are MUCH more flexible than me, but yanno at least being voted for will make my day bahahha💓
(ya this is a flexibility vid, it's in fact the first video i ever posted lmao)

appreciation post to my best friend and sister @gymnast_telma❤ it hurts me sm that she broke her shoulder and i feel feally bad for her:( she's always there for me and it's crazy to think that we actually started as internet friends but found out that we only live 15 minutes away from each other! ilysm telmusas❤
this is also dedicated to my best friend @auroraatumbles, but i didn't have any more clips of us together:( ily too auri!❤

ahh in love w the audio😍 ac; @nadiatumbles
approved by my cats🌵

idea creds and approved by @tumblingthea💍

in love with the audio:)
@mayatwists @piptumbles
happy birthday norway❤🇳🇴

{ignore picture}
ask me questions down below and i'll make a q&a vid:) i will either post it here or on my yt acc, what do ya think?💓
everyone that asks questions i use in the vid will get a shoutout, it can be related to anything!

here is a vid of the crappiest bars i've ever done:)
i'm legit SO unmotivated rn and idek if i wanna compete in 2 weeks bc i'm going to mess it anyways:(

CAN YOU ALL PLEASE FOLLOW @sarahstumbling?
She is REALLY good but has been feeling kinda down lately:( She does double backs and stuff, so go check out her acc and give her a follow;)
Cwd and i'll spam ya❤
@sarahstumbling @sarahstumbling

slip n' slide🌞💦
approved by @malintumbles && @tumblingsenny i thinkkk💓💍

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