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GymCastic Podcast  The best #gymnastics #podcast EVER! Weekly on latest #gymternet news, routines, of course all the comedy.

Thank you @johnkcheng for giving us this awesomeness from podium training at #usagymchamps #repost #gymnastics #gymnast

Winning at summer #Repost @dufftumbles

#Podcast time! SENIOR WOMEN
Hurd, Smith, McCusker, and the quest to be the #2 all-arounder
Spencer has already decided the worlds team. Jessica tells him why he’s wrong
Explaining the Marz Frazier UCLA/Parkettes situation
Getting excited for Trinity Thomas and Maile O’Keefe
Jessica’s very realistic predictions and anticipated miracles
The Big Four battle it out, and we pick who’s going to win among Sunisa Lee, Jordan Bowers, Leanne Wong, and Kayla DiCello
More discussion of Levi Jung-Ruivivar because duh. We’re 99% sure she invented the violin. Don’t worry about it.
SENIOR MEN (48:45)
Mikulak vs. Moldauer will be the best clash of nationals
Who’s injured, who’s coming back, and who needs a big meet
A period of mourning for Eddie Penev’s ACL
Is Yoder the new pommel prince? Will Modi keep getting Brenna’d? Who are the NCAAers to watch? Are the guys just going to phone it in because they’re too cool for school?
Men’s European Championships (1:01:30)

That bonkers team final and the unexpected ending on high bar
We break down the British team reaction and assign roles
Italy’s vault disaster is all of us
Event Finals: Rhys is King, Smart Rings is making our robot judging dreams come true, and no one even fell on high bar (?!?!) Gymternet News

Paul Ruggeri is engaged. You’ve both done very well.
Jeff Thompson is suing Penn State (LOL)
EVO Athletics (aka Aimee Boorman Athletics) is the new temporary home of the US women’s national team training camps
We have more info about how the International Elite Committee changed the qualifying rules for nationals AFTER US Classic, and we rant about the IEC.
And Remember

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Full face costume makeup to go with her floor routine theme! Brilliant! What do you guys think? #KeepGymnasticsWeird #celinevangerner #NEDgym #Dutchgymnastics

SLOW MO of Simone’s Moors. Not a double out but a true Moors when watched in slo-mo. Video credit @flogymnastics #simonebiles #SimoneMoors #SimoneDoubleDouble #SimonesMoors #Moors

Preach Queen! A must read interview with Simone from @sbregman87 who was wisley snatched up by the @olympicchannel 👏🏼💞🎉 #simonebiles #ScottBregman #gkusclassic2018

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#HandstandDay is tomorrow June 23

This week’s #podcast is commissioned by Club Gym Nerd Member Ryan, who asked for an episode all about GYMNASTICS FAILS—“the craziest, jaw-dropping-est, and most importantly hilarious instances when it simply wasn’t someone’s day—the most ridiculous falls, the wardrobe malfunctions, and infamous equipment fails. No one is off limits for gymnastics blooper reels. I want this episode to be lighthearted, nostalgic, and a reminder that gymnastics is a struggle for basically all of the human race at one point or another.” Time Stamps

Gymnastics Fail Challenge (2:43)
Vault and Bars (12:36)
Bart Deurloo and The Case of The Wandering Nuts (34:39)
Beam (38:10)
Floor (55:27)
Hilarious Saves (1:02:38)
Wardrobe Malfunctions including Stacey Ervin and the Case of the Escaped Nut (1:06:52)
Equipment Fails (1:13:20)
Oops I Forgot (1:17:51)

Follow along as we discuss each magnificent fail, which are linked in the order in which we discuss them.

Martina Rizzelli
Michelle Kenney
Laura Mitchell
Margret Kristinsdottir
Purvising the judges
Sydney McGlone
Toni-Ann Williams
Lisa Panzironi
Catalina Ponor
Ana Derek
Shayla Worley
Chair 1, Zamo 0
Zamo and Khorkina
Shang Chunsong
Bart Deurloo and the case of the wandering nut
Tracie Ang
Flavia Saraiva
Kerri Strug
Kennedy Baker
Tatiana Nabieva
Zamo pull-ups
Alyona Shchennikova and Leah Clapper
Lauren Beers
Seda’s spiders
Viktoria Karpenko
Kaitlyn Clark
Chris Brooks
Sara Berardinelli
Trinity Thomas
Danusia Francis
Aljas Pegan
Ludmilla Tourischeva
David Henderson
Ekaterina Kramarenko #gymnastics #gymnasticsPodcast #gymcastic #clubGymNerd #gymnast #bartdeurloo

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