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GymCastic Podcast  The best gymnastics podcast EVER! Weekly talk show about the latest gymternet news, routines & offensive leotard fashion. Full Worlds 2017 videos! ⬇️

Today’s episode with legendary daredevil beam queen and two-time Olympian Elvire Teza and her partner in French greatness, Cecile Canqueteau-Landi, 1996 Olympian and coach of 2016 Olympic gold medalist for team USA, 2015 bars world champ, Madison Kocian and—now—Simone Biles!

How training has changed from the 80’s and 90’s.
Being part of the French superstar era of firsts with Isabelle Severino, Ludvine Furnon and Eloidie Lussac.
Stereotypes of French training vs. American training: cigarettes, boyfriends, wine, baguettes, artistry, etc.
Adriana Pop and Laurent Landi bringing the makeup to the French-style performance game.
How Teza learned her crazy eponymous skills and dealing with her constant fear.
Why Cecile chooses to stay in the United States for the “more rewarding” gymnastics, especially NCAA and level 10s.
What they think of the current Code of Points and how they’d do under todays code.
What it’s like coaching Simone Biles and which crazy skills we can convince Simone to do.
The 1996 Olympic Games in the loud Georgia dome, AKA the butter-smell arena.
How to avoid burnout the French way: All the naughty things they did to get a break from their grueling schedules.
Why Cecile and Laurent took a long break after Rio. #Teza #ElvireTeza #cecileLandi #cecilecanqueteau #FrenchGymnastics #podcast #interview

In honor of @oksana2016 winning vault qualification with a 14.333 average at the #BakuWorldCup ! #repost #Chuso #Chusovitina #oksanachusovitina #gymnast #gymnastics #adultgymnastics

The Fierceness! The baby-backspin! Meet Thi Nguyen (Wildfire) #Repost @wildfiregym #gymnast #gymnastics #ThiNguyen #Wildfire #floor #Fx #FXRoutine #choreography

#podcast is up! AMERICAN CUP (5:00)
We get to talk about actual gymnastics this week! UNCLE TIM, Jessica, and Spencer discuss the big headlines

Morgan Hurd won all the everythings and has improved SO MUCH, even since worlds
Mai Murakami had the best performance by a non-American since 2011
Yul Moldauer‘s form (and hair) is the entire point of gymnastics
Kenzo had a no good, very bad day
Mao Yi broke her femur on an UNSAFE VAULT, but Morinari Watanabe brought her 100,000 bags of chips so it’s all OK
Maile O’Keefe’s ankles might have special powers, and we should look into that
From Petro Pakhniuk to Lorette Charpy to BROOKLYN’S FLOOR to Sun Wei‘s vault height, we pick our special highlights of the meet. Jessica has five. (32:16)
It didn’t all go…great, so we select our un-highlights from this year’s American Cup, including “The People’s Republic of Japan” and why the PA announcer made Spencer feel unsafe
Brooklyn Moors breaking everyone’s hearts/it does’t matter because Brooklyn Moors
The failures of E score in the current quad (there are a lot)
Unacceptable behavior from cable-holders and camerapeople (48:27)
And then there was the broadcast

A certain someone was missing from the broadcast team, and it was AMAZING
The way NBC handled addressing all the…everything…that has been happening. Yea or nay?
All those commercials for SafeSport and the USAG “athlete assistance fund”
And of course the Kerry Perry commercial. Oof. We have some thoughts.
NCAA NEWS (1:14:20)

Why the vault judges need to PULL IT TOGETHER
The crackiest 10s in NCAA over the weekend
The important existence of Tyra McKellar
The Nastia Cup—who is going to take NCAA by storm in the near future?
Haleigh Bryant’s handspring pike 1/2 is Rachel Slocum-good
Andrea Li’s forward stalder should be in a museum
Ways we can get Rachael Lukacs into Georgia’s vault lineup…like now?
Jaedyn Rucker’s floor

The FBI opens an internal review into why it took A YEAR to do anything
“The gymnasts are very aware of everything going on”
Aly will GET YOU, has filed a lawsuit against the USOC, USAG
Jacob Moore is the first male victim of Nassar to come forward

Poor Kevin. He has no idea. Watch the full episode on @lolnetwork on YouTube #gabbydouglas #KevinHart #gymnast #gymnastics #GabbyandKevinHart

#wonderwomen come in all ages for gymnastics 🙌🏼😍 #WW #WWC #Adultgymnastics #World hampionCentre #gymnast #gymnastics #AdultGymnasticaCamp

Jessica was at LSU for elite verification! (5:00)

Much like Santa Claus, Jessica Claus arrived in the middle of the night to bring us

All the inside scoop we could ever ask for
Trinity Thomas, Margzetta Frazier (43:30), and Jordan Chiles (50:13) reacting to the new verification experience in their own words
An exclusive interview with Rhonda Faehn where she discusses (59:20)
What her job actually is, especially now
The search for a new NTC: whether the position will be split into different jobs, who will be making that decision, and what USAG is looking for from its new NTC
Why people should trust her, a former Karolyi gymnast, to bring a change in culture
The search for a new national training center, and much more
Plus, Jessica answers all of our (so, Spencer’s) questions about verification like

What was the atmosphere? And more importantly, was it weird?
How is Safe Sport being employed in the national team system now?
What was the parents’ reaction to being invited in?
What do those involved think about the changes and the future of USAG?
WHY WHY WHY were so many gymnasts not shown on the live stream?
Is there still a selection committee? Who is on it? How involved were they in the verification? Were they giving feedback?
Were the international assignments based directly on the results of verification?
For how long will this temporary system be in place?
Did anyone give a big dramatic speech addressing all the elephants in the room?
What is the new LSU gymnastics palace like? Were other NCAA coaches there?
What happened that would NEVER have happened at a Martha camp?
Also, the gymnastics (1:22:24) ! Detailed news on all the various perfections (Riley McCusker! Shilese Jones! Olivia Dunne! Adeline Kenlin! Jafree Scott! Kara Eaker! Kayla DiCello! Leanne Wong! Audrey Davis! Jordan Bowers! Konnor McClain! Alyona Shchennikova!) that you didn’t see on the live stream.
#gymnastics #gymnastics #gymnasticspodcast #podcast #jadecarey #moors #verificationCamp #usag #gymcastic #margzettafrazier #TrinityThomas #rileymccusker #JordanChiles #ShineseJones #oliviadunne

Adeline Kenlin rocking some smart Netherlands-style #beam code construction at LSU Verification Camp. Thanks @adelinekenlin @iowa_gymnest 🐣 for letting the world see your 💫🤩 gymnastics 😍 and @usagym digital media crew for bringing it to us LIVE for the first time eeeevvvvvvah! #gymnast #gymnastics #AdelineKenlin #BB #KenlinBeam #LSUVerification #usagcamp #balancebeam #iGN #IowaGymNest

Handspring front alert💪🏼 from @jordansbowers so cool! And connected! @jafreeyenique_ showed one too that was 💍 #HandspringfrontBeam #beam #bb #jordanbowers #gymnastics #gymnast

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