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Jamila (pronounced as user😉)  self taught kiwi🥝 @jamilazxchen

Edited really bad but I’ve been sick for half the day and I hate it when I’m wasting time especially in the holidays 😭
@mayatumble.s @jenzytumbles 😄

I’m in the 🐼 top, @jenzytumbles is in the grey x

@mayatumble.s (blue-grey) @jenzytumbles (maroon)
Mee- pink+grey

#yushanairtracks2018 would love to win!! I’m a self taught and I don’t have any equipment so winning this would be a dream 💗😊

this song makes me happy and sad at the same time🎼
@maxtumbles @char_tumbles @viksgymnastics approved ily all

💞new connection at the end but it’s uglY
this took ages to film bc of the kids haha

dark and cold💨

I love using throwback audios because they make me happy

I was hoping this would turn out better☁️

I swear I have other shoes 👟😂 - 🎥: @kittyymu

Meet up!💞
me: white top
@indiatumbles_ : black
@jenzytumbles : blue
@_joshrose__ : the boy 😂
@usmantumbles approved ❣️

@tumblorne approved❣️
This isn’t great but it turned out better than I thought! 😛

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