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Gwendolyn Fernandez  AL ➡️ DC ➡️ PHX 🐘 Museum Educator @phxart 🏛 Gardener🌱 Seeker 👁 Yogi 🕉 "You should in any case go to the museum often." Vincent Van Gogh 🖼

Guess who just had their first live TV appearance!! The @phxart Family Programs team wants you to come play with us at the Museum! The museum is free this Sunday for Discount Tire Free Family Day and youth under 17 get in free every day through September 30. The host this morning said, “You have the best job.” Yes, we do!! And I am grateful to have the talented @giovanaaviles by my side!

Debbie + Helen Frankenthaler #dressedtomatch 😍

The exhibit “In the Company of Women” featuring women artists from the @phxart permanent collection closes this Sunday! Debbie is the mother hen of our @phxart #MuseumEd family. She checks up on us and keeps our team supplied with everything we need, especially laughs. She even humors me with things like this. And like a Frankenthaler painting, she’s even lovelier in person! #IamMuseumEd #phxartfamily

I’m sorry Appalachian Trail ... there’s a new AT in my life. 🏞 It was 113 in PHX yesterday and a 👌🏼74 on the trail.

It’s an exciting day! I can vote in Arizona AND check out books from @phoenixpubliclibrary! 🌵😅🗳📚

I would say these two are happy to have completed the drive from Alabama to Arizona! Welcome to the heat Rhett Butler! ☀️🐶🌵

Happy 90th Birthday to this incredible woman! She’s been my confidant, lunch buddy, and fellow mischief maker for more than three decades. I hold dear the time we share together, from nights when she would sing me to sleep to hours spent talking about life and sharing stories. We even twinned our last two lunches together. I love you, Meme!! 👯‍♀️💫💕🥂💐✨

Today I’m celebrating two months of living in PHX with a look back at the cross country trek to get here! One of my favorite (unplanned) stops along the way was the Very Large Array outside of Soccoro, NM. Made up of 27 “very large” radio telescopes, this observatory is used to study black holes, among other things in space. You may also recognize it from the movie “Contact” based on Carl Sagan’s book. Jodi Foster narrates the visitor film, in case you don’t already want to plan a visit! #DCtoAZ #roadtrip #spacenerd #latergram

First AZ garden 🍅 harvest! #gardengram

Feels good to be back on the coast! 🌊🌊🌊

I am in awe of this woman’s gift for making $h:! happen. Whether it’s fixing a piece of broken machinery at work, pulling together a delicious meal from whatever she has on hand, or packing a moving box so there is not an inch of wasted space, she has taught me that a positive attitude and creative mind can do anything. H A P P Y 🥂B I R T H D A Y, Mom!! I am deeply grateful for your patience, wisdom, and friendship. You remind me that life is about how we respond to the inevitable challenges we face. And there’s always champagne if all else fails!

First 5.10 in a loooong time. 🧗🏻‍♀️💪🏼🍻 #chalkitup

Happy #internationalmuseumday. To celebrate, here’s one of my favorite new friends from the @phxart permanent collection. The tree constantly changes as it cycles through the seasons. Jennifer Steinkamp, “Mike Kelly 13”, 2008, digital projection.

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