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Gwen Floyd  Mother, blogger, lover of sarcasm. I also like to take what I hope are interesting pictures, mostly in and around Vancouver.

Cake number two for the family party. Chocolate sour cream cake, with chocolate sour cream icing, and fudge icing. Happy Birthday @aidanpfloyd

The first of the month of birthday cakes. Carrot with cream cheese icing. #birthdays #yum

Rhododendrons are at least starting to bloom. #vandusen #marchbreak #yvr #spring

The "everybody loves jazz hands" pose. #vandusen

This one turns 12 this week. All long limbs and some very firm ideas on his personal style. Since he bought the hat he has worn it almost constantly. All he wants now is a nice blazer and some dress shoes.

I am so happy that @5and1 and I had a chance for a lunch and tea before she heads off for Ottawa.

A trip to the book fair at school today means happy and quiet kids in all their waiting situations today. First waiting for each other's student led conferences and now piano. They each got one English book with their allowances and a French book that was parent sponsored. It makes me so happy to see the leaps and bounds their reading is taking this year. Aidan is now chewing through and really enjoying French novels. Quinlan is actually reading for fun. #getcaughtreading #schooldays

New hair and it feels good!

A group project for school. They needed to write an ad for a product and make a prototype that looked like the product they were advertising. I am glad I kept a bunch of robot parts and suggested that the Lego mindstorm track unit might work for underneath. I am also happy that the boys could get together this afternoon to work on the prototype and presentation. Yay for things working out. #kids #school

I wish we could have taken some video tonight. The play previews were really good. The end of May we will have so many plays to see. Aidan did a great job as a Shudder and as Prince Prospero in their Edgar Allen Poe stories. @artsumbrella #childrenstheatre #theatreyvr #theatrekids

Waiting for Come Together to start. We dropped off Aidan for his last tech rehearsal this afternoon. Yay for @artsumbrella #theatrekids #theatreyvr #childrenstheatre

Yes, that is snow. And sun. And flakes. Weird Vancouver weather.

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