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Miss Kitchen Witch  Vegan Chef 🔥- geek 👾- cat rescuer 🐈- and backpacker🌲. Miss Kitchen Witch, because I'm magical. 💫

It's hot. That is all.

Baked donuts are usually such a scam, but these were pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. (Obv not the coconut ones, shredded coconut can go jump off a cliff)

Maui from above. Pit stop and a play day.

Vegan donuts en route to 🌴Hawaii. 🌺 @DonutFarmLA to The Big Island! I don't offer this service often because I can't guarantee the whole dozen will make it there! 🍩

Packing in the treats last minute. Black Sesame (my favorite yet) and Corn Pop soft-serve from @MagpiesSoftServe. Almond based soft-serve in a waffle cone, topped with vegan honey-comb and sprinkles.

You can't be an environmentalist and still eat meat. You can't feel moved by the science of climate change and not be an environmentalist. Walk the walk and talk the talk. It's time to start eating like you really want to change the world. Go vegan already.
This doesn't require daily calls to your senator or sitting in front of a bulldozer. Just start one meal at a time and leave meat, dairy, and eggs off your plate. It's only as hard as you tell yourself it is. It's just as easy as you let it be.

Today we marched for science. We marched for the Earth, for the animals, for our future, and our god damn right to real information.

Tofu Scramble Tacos from @PlantFoodSupperClub in #Idyllwild. Ridiculously delicious!

Hiking a leg of Humber Park. Perfect weather for sunshine and pines.

Pandamonium looks on from the nasturtiums.

Go say goodbye to the poppies before they wither away, they're waiting for you.

Happy Easter. Get out and play!

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