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Gwen Grimm  The story of Grimm, who is not a fairy tale. See my #cosplay work at @frocktarts.

Can ANYONE identify this bird by it's song? It's driving me crazy, I've never heard such a random song before.

Ahhhhh, anyone know what this little guy is? It's got the cutest fuzzy coat EVER. #moth #fuzzy #fuzzymoth

Can anyone identify this little fella? It likes to throw up green puke.

Did ya know wood beetles squeal when ya pick them up? Well now you do. #woodbeetle #beetle #bug

When I was about 1 and a half/ 2 years old our house burnt down due to a lightning strike. I don't remember much of the house, photos of it make it look huge and comfortable. The parents had the lot were it stood bulldozed down, and over the years bits and pieces of it pop up here and there all over the place. That's a piece of tile from one of the rooms. One can argue we never really recovered from that blow as we've been living in an off building on our work shop and haven't gotten a real house built again. I use to save the bits I'd find, but that seems kinda of pointless? It's gone, there's no magic in those broken piece, they'll just slowly blend in to the mountain top and fad away. #loss #nostalgia #broken #inthepast #brokenpiece

Little bit stormy out there #spring #springstorms #thunderstorms

Mr.bug has found his favorite human. All is good.

Mr. Bug is upset @inkibus_of_inkiwirks isn't in to cuddle him. He'll often come out and cry till they come in. #cat #cutecat #mrbug #srugeabug #clingycat #thecatwantsitshuman #loveycat

This little fella was just sticking his butt in the air when my twin found it. Lucky a crow didn't see it first, or it'd be breakfast. Not sure if you can hear it, but it was squeaking and chittering the whole time #mole #dig #grumpyanimals #animal #wildanimal

Sunrise this morning #sunrise #spring #springsunrise

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