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Mum & Dad, along with the speech I went with for my 30th. Give it a read. Saying how you feel is the coolest thing.

Thank you to all those involved in last night’s celebrations (and to all of the love throughout the week). I’m an incredibly fortunate man.

braving the wilderness.

Happy Birthday beautiful xo

G: So, Kimbo, how do you feel about a tshirt-tuck-in without a belt?
K: Yeah, I think it works well.
G: Coz I have both a black and brown belt in the car. I like to carry extra clothes.
K: Nah, going beltless is totally fine.
G: ‘Fine’ like questionably-unkempt-fine? Or “that dude’s chill he doesn’t even need a belt” fine?
K: I mean -
G: Do you think I could get away with the brown? Even with black chucks and a black jacket, or is brown too much?
K: Um -
G: Yeah you’re right, too much. Brown would be a little odd, almost unnecessary.
K: Sure.
G: But the black might spruce things up a little. You know, create a bit of contrast?
K: I mean, it sounds like you should go and get the black belt..
G: Mmmmm, yeahh, but it’s all the way in the car. You know what, I’m gonna go beltless. I think without works well.

bts. wildly popular South Korean boy band. subpar at cryptic crosswords.

Teamed up with @goldypix to direct this year’s “Light It Up” Christmas campaign for Bonds. Thanks to for running the show.

Creds below:
EP: @haley_polacik
CD: @johnnygav
PM: Luke Coulson
Choreographer: @jordancharlesherbert
Casting: @nickhcasting
1st AD: Andrew Moffat
DOP: @edwardgoldner
1st AC: Sunny Wilding
2nd AC: @bradleyandrew7
Tech Head: Ben Doudney
Gaffer: Chris Dewhurst
Best Boy: Brecan Mitchell
Elec: Matt Beth & Andrew Hechenberger
Grip: Robbie Hansford
Grip Asst: David ‘Rusty’ Leckonby
Grip Asst: Michael Bespalov
HMU: @thegoodbadanduglyphile
HMU Asst: Brigitte Loulier
Wardrobe: Penny Dickinson
Wbe Asst: Sally Mill
Unit: Ben Rollinson
Nurse: Sarah Glancey
Prod Asst: Dave Pieta
Runner: Tom Atkin
Technical Director: Goldy
Look Development: Jeremy Mansford, John Gavin & Daniel Cowan
2D Animation: Oscar Gomez, John Gavin, Goldy & Michael Wilkinson
3D Modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering: Daniel Cowan
Particles Simulation: Sept Putra
Offline: John Gavin
Online: John Gavin & Goldy
Colourist: @bagelandbiscotti
Compositing: John Gavin, Goldy & Andrew Montague
Sound: Gusto Studios
Projection: TDC
Production Company:
Agency: Leo Burnett
And, of course, big ups to all of our dancers and actors (I see you @georgiaalagona I see you).

Kimbra’s “Top of the World” has been handed over to the audience. Bit of a doozy this one. Headphones in, volume ⬆️, hope you dig.
Credits below:

EP: @haley_polacik w
Producer: Mark Taylor
1st AD: James Miles
DOP: @edwardgoldner
Stylist: @bexsheers
1st AC: Austin Haigh
HMU: @beccagilmartin
Makeup assist: Emily Moran
Wardrobe Dept: Juliet Bennie
Gaffer: @tomsavige
Best boy: Scott Pope & Alastair Duffield
3rd LX: Edwin Street & Hannah Palmer
Lighting Dept Runner: Tom Atkin
Production design: @renbot2000 & Sophie Hayward
Art Dept Assistants: Chiara Byrne & Brendan Norvill
VFX Supervisor: @goldypix
Colourist: @bagelandbiscotti
BTS: @callum_goodes
Production Runner: Monique Mulcahy

Additional shoutouts to @johnnygav, @waxeled, Andrew Montague and Christian Hart - along with @jordancharlesherbert for coming in last minute to supervise Kimbra’s movement. Legend.

And one final word for @goldypix ... thank you for holding it down from day one to deadline. You were instrumental in bringing these visuals to the level we were all hoping they would reach.

New Kimbra tomorrow. This is Roy.

A significant portion of my time is spent pretending to be Kimbra.

Kimbra's "Everybody Knows" is out and about. Stoked to be teaming up once again.
Creds below:

Executive Producer: @haley1811 w
Producer: Mark Taylor
DOP: @edwardgoldner
Stylist: @bexsheers
HMU: @kateradfordmua
Production Design: @renbot2000 & Sophie Hayward
1st AC: @bradleyandrew7
Gaffer: Alastair Duffield
Colorist: @bagelandbiscotti
Shoutouts to Juliet Bennie, Loren Hunter, @callum_goodes, Tom Atkin, @savagefilmservices and Dave Pieta's hands for rounding out the team.

Peace x.

Twennynine 👴🏼

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