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That1Guy  "Always be humble and kind" This is my creative space. Hit me up at my personal account if you care for junk like that. And checkout @ComelyDecor

My @zacbrownband inspiration!

Dreaming of treasure.

Me and my creative, talented and beautiful daughter. I couldn't be more blessed!

Such a beautiful sunset!

Made it to Cali for Easter Weekend!

Hanging out with all the Ass's in Oatman! #arizonaadventures

... when I was young my father said son, never be ashamed where you're from. Nothing wrong with your last name, don't look for people to blame, cause hard times they come and they go and most of the time they're in the middle of the road. The same pain in different ways, don't you know when it pours it rains...

... my diamond in the rough...

Meet the newest member of the family... "Sam"... he is pink because boys can wear pink! Lol BTW My youngest saved up for months to pay for half of it! Pretty amazing for only 9! Love this girl!!!

I have to say that as put out as I was about being forced to move to an entire new insulin pump company (insurance), after my last pump broke, this new pump is crazy. It makes my last pump seem like an antique. With the all the new features but most of all the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) my diabetic management has increased 100 fold. Sometimes being forced to change turns out to be a pretty great thing. Not excited for the bill to come though! I guess you can't have it all! Lol

A great photo taken by the beautiful ( @dianatingey ). The woman who always makes me look better than I am! 🥃🎸🤘🏻

People always tell me, they look upon my skin and bones. Your ragged and your dirty, and hardy worth you weight in gold... ...Sometimes at night I look upon the stars above, but they never shine as bright, as my diamond in the rough... –Ryan Bingham

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