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Guy Cisternino Jr aka Quadro  6 X IFBB Champion @centurion_labz Code:Quadro20 Creator/owner Quadro Series @official_otomix @nutrichefnyc @officialgasp @ginaesfuego 🔐❤️💪🏼

This pic is from my last @mrolympiallc in 2016. Those thinking I’m “done” or “washed up” or I should “retire” remember this one thing... “The toughest steel is forged in the hottest fires.” Think about that before you pass judgment on someone who has never and will never give up. Y’all haven’t seen a dam thing yet! #ImComingForPayback @centurion_labz @centurionlegion @officialgasp @official_otomix #Quadro #ifbbpro #212 #CenturionLabz #CenturionLegion #MrUnstoppable #SAW #Gasp #NoCompromises #OutWorkTheCompetition #LetsGo

VERY EMOTIONAL POST. I’m not going to say much. I debated posting this because I can’t fit everything I need to into words. @theebostonmass and @flex_lewis I love you guys more than you know. Sharing the stage with you both the past 7 years I will never forget. You two are my brothers, biggest fans, along with my biggest inspirations. i will never forget all you have done for me and this sport. Go do the dam thing tomorrow! #BrothersForLife #WelshDragon #TheBostonMass #Quadro #Ifbb #212 #MrOlympia @mrolympiallc

Someone asked me what was the best moment of my life during a live feed end of last week. My response was meeting this girl right here @ginaesfuego we all go through struggles and battles in life of all different calibers, we all struggle with our own demons. To a point where we seem like the world is against us, questioning Gods plan and why things happen how they happen. Then something happens in your life and you realize everything you went through in your life was because of this one moment. That moment for me was the day my great friend @the_brolic_baker FaceTimed me from @bevsgym and put Gina on the phone for me to meet her. Since that day she has changed my life and made me a better person. Crazy week of 3 different weddings all which ended with her brother @johnalfonso87 wedding Saturday night which was an absolute blast! Thank you baby for being more than I could of ever imagined, through all the snacking and melt downs your still my number 1! I LOVE YOU!

Been getting a lot of messages about how to stay focus and on track while dieting for a competition and how to stay on track in LIFE! Listen to this might put a different spin on life when you get things put in perspective. STOP BITCHING AND MAKING EXCUSES FOR THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE! @centurion_labz @centurionlegion @officialgasp @official_otomix #Quadro #ifbbpro #212 #CenturionLabz #CenturionLegion #MrUnstoppable #SAW #Gasp #NoCompromises #OutWorkTheCompetition #LetsGo

⬅️⬅️SWIPE LEFT⬅️⬅️ some back movements that are staples in my routine for back width and thickness that I will be utilizing on my comeback trail in a few weeks. Give them a try @centurion_labz @centurionlegion @officialgasp @official_otomix #Quadro #ifbbpro #212 #CenturionLabz #CenturionLegion #MrUnstoppable #SAW #Gasp #NoCompromises #OutWorkTheCompetition #LetsGo

A year ago today God gained his biggest most powerful angel. @dallasmccarver my man, I don’t like saying “you were” because that would mean it’s not longer in existence, but furthermore it would be a lie. Everything about who you are is still as real as the days are long. Although your physical presence is no longer here, your soul, memories, and influence is at an all time high. That is why you are “still here” to many. You lived a short life, but as short as it was it impacted so many around the world that I don’t think you realize it. You showed us what mental and physical strength was, how to show compassion and love for many things besides bodybuilding. You ARE an amazing human being not just bodybuilder. We all miss and love you very much and just bc time passes without you here doesn’t make life any easier, yet we hold on to the great memories we all shared with you.
These pictures are some of the first and last I look with @dallasmccarver
Right: one of the first expos with @dallasmccarver when he just got sponsored by BSN, we both shared so many memories from laughing, dancing like fools at the expos, and just sharing stories.
Left: His last show at @tonydohertyoz show @arnoldsportsau where he was sick and almost collapsed on stage. Those might ask why this photo, well it’s simple. His last time on stage I was there, I never been in an open show before and I feel like God wanted me there to catch him from falling, thing that hurts the most is knowing I couldn’t catch you the day you passed. It eats at me every day that I was there for you then but wasn’t there when you needed someone to catch you. If it was up to everyone you would have had the entire state of Florida filled with people there to catch you. I love you Big Bro. Watch down on us and protect us from evil. We will@be together one day, until then my friend, until then.....
#bigCountry #McCarver #NeverForgotten #Angel

I’ve been lied to, cheated, stabbed in the back, lost friends, lost respect, but one thing I never lost was focus on my life and my dreams. It’s funny the social media now a days depicts the untruth of many people. Everyone posts how great their life is, how much money they make, the materialistic bullshit they have, there’s no more realism left because everyone is consumed by views, likes, and followers. Always worrying about what they post when they should be worrying about how to reach their goals. Be you, be proud of who the fuck you are, be determined, and work fucking harder than you ever have, that is the key to being successful. Never quitting. @centurion_labz @centurionlegion @officialgasp #Quadro #ifbbpro #212 #CenturionLabz #CenturionLegion #MrUnstoppable #SAW #Gasp #NoCompromises #OutWorkTheCompetition #LetsGo

CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!!! This has been in the works and discussion for about a year with myself and @thebranchwarren since Branch and I are very close friends, have a lot in common, are known for our intensity in and out of they gym we decided we need to let the fans hear our stories, bodybuilding at its finest, and some of the craziest stories you’ll ever hear! We will be talking about our sponsors like @centurion_labz @official_otomix @officialgasp @wickedcutzjerky letting you guys know all the new stuff on the horizon! This podcast will air twice a month so don’t even think about missing this shit! Check the link in the bio tomorrow to listen LIVE!

⬅️⬅️swipe left⬅️⬅️ So I get questioned why I train all the way leading into a show. I will train all the way until the day before. Everyone has their reasonings behind their theories. For me it’s simple, I like to keep my muscles alive and active before a show. As an amateur I use to stop training days before the show. Doing that I noticed my muscles look dead, no pop, couldn’t get a pump while pumping up. Training up until a show keeps your muscles active and full, also helping with the amount of carbs you eat leading up to a show. The little blood flow you get from the workouts has more benefits than not. Some think you’ll hold water, some think the lactic acid build up would be too much, well I have done it both ways and this works for me. If you’re getting ready for any competition give this a try. Workouts filed by @centurion_labz @centurionlegion @officialgasp @official_otomix #Quadro #SAW #CenturionLabz #CenturionLegion #IFBB #NPC #Gasp #NoCompromises #TeamNutriChefNYC #Otomix #Savage #NoExcusses #Bodybuilding #Fitness #Motivation #TeamGlass #TeamAceto #BeardsBulletsAndBarbells

As this years @mrolympiallc approaches, it will be 2 years since I have been on that stage. Last year I was qualified but due to the burns I opted to rest and get back on the grind. This year, with double shoulder surgery and nagging injuries I had to do something to help give my career more longevity. Although it sucks not competing, shit I can’t even train for another 7 weeks, I am still more focused than ever to get back to doing what I do which is kicking some mother fucking ass in the gym. I think like this, by the time I train it will be about 12-13 weeks since I was able to train, I’m giving every competitor a head start to outwork and beat me because when I come back after my longest layoff ever. SHITS ABOUT TO GET FUCKING REAL, REAL FUCKING QUICK! @centurion_labz @centurionlegion @officialgasp @official_otomix @nutrichefnyc #Quadro #SAW #CenturionLabz #CenturionLegion #IFBB #NPC #Gasp #NoCompromises #TeamNutriChefNYC #Otomix #Savage #NoExcusses #Bodybuilding #Fitness #Motivation #TeamGlass #TeamAceto #BeardsBulletsAndBarbells

⬅️⬅️SWIPE LEFT⬅️⬅️
Last shoulder surgery done. Now some recovery and therapy and I’ll be back to making noise in the gym soon enough. Next week I’m going to start hitting legs twice a week to help with blood flow and recovery. Haven’t trained in 7 weeks so now that my last operation is behind me, I’ll start doing quads and hams separately and do some isolation stuff on my right side. These are some of my favorites that I will be incorporating into my leg days next week. Give them a try! @centurion_labz @centurionlegion @officialgasp @official_otomix #Quadro #SAW #CenturionLabz #CenturionLegion #IFBB #NPC #Gasp #NoCompromises #TeamNutriChefNYC #Otomix #Savage #NoExcusses #Bodybuilding #Fitness #Motivation #TeamGlass #TeamAceto #BeardsBulletsAndBarbells

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