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Guy Tang®  🎥 NEW YouTube video is now up on my channel: I AM HAVING A BREAKDOWN! Guy's World 2 Watch it now, link below

Hello all HairBesties, The Guy Tang World Tour continues in Finland next month and Romania in September. I can’t wait to see you guys there. In the meantime, I have a new video up on my YouTube channel. Follow the link on my bio to watch all the excitement. You guys will love the new series Guy’s World On my channel.
Formula for my model here is the new @guytang_mydentity Super Power Direct Dyes in Purple Raven and Blue Mystique.
Thank you to my team @arianasin @tiffjuanaglam @kimwasabi @gelatoyh

Today is the best day ever because I got to take a pic with my ultimate Diva @mariahcarey 🦋🦋🦋 her music really help me growing up. Songs like “Hero” “Through the rain” “Outside” “My saving grace” “Can’t take that away” I grew up feeling outcasted and alone but her music tells me to always believe in myself and remind me I am my own hero. This is my 9th time seeing her live and I will continue to fangirl for the rest of my life! I am the happiest man ever! #mariahcarey #thebutterflyreturns #LambilyMoments

I love the NakedCollection in @guytang_mydentity because it’s so wearable and anyone can wear them. The three shades are customizable with any of the range by intermixing and adding boosters to amplify pink tones or mauve tones. Here’s my formula. I highlighted her natural level 8 hair using #magnum8 with foils. Then on dry hair lifted to a level 10.
1️⃣Naked7 on Rootagé 6vol
2️⃣Naked8 on midshaft
3️⃣Naked10 on ends
Thank you to my awesome team @arianasin @ashleyrockshair @hairbynoora @kimwasabi

HairBesties, Do you like the hair on left or right?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
I like the right one so I’ll start on her formula. We lifted both using #Magnum8 @guytang_mydentity and 1/32oz @olaplex
Right model:
1️⃣ @guytang_mydentity Charcoal on rootagé
2️⃣Charcoal+Cosmic Coral(international only)
3️⃣Cosmic Coral (international only)
Left Model:
1️⃣ @guytang_mydentity Xpress toner pearl+blush +new #WeDontKnow(coming soon)6vol
2️⃣Xpress Toner Titanium 1:2 6vol
3️⃣Xpress Toner Titanium+Crystal Clear 1:2 6vol
Thank you to my team @arianasin @tiffjuanaglam @kimwasabi

Who wants the hat 🧢 I’m wearing? It’s new! @guytang_mydentity

Crimson Spell from the new @guytang_mydentity Super Powers. Here’s how I got this color on my client @kkarmalove
Step 1:
1️⃣Rootage 20g of 3MV+55g of 6mr 20vol @guytang_mydentity
2️⃣Mids 6Mr+30vol @guytang_mydentity
3️⃣melt into #magnum8
Step 2:
1️⃣Crimson Spell+Blue Mystique Super Power on rootagé @guytang_mydentity
2️⃣Crimson Spell Super Power on mids ends @guytang_mydentity

#Hairbesties do you like wearable fashion colors? I love how this look can be seen in offices, hospitals, court etc but still high fashion!
I used the new @guy_tang #mydentity #Stroke7 Balayage Clay Lightener with dedicated #thicc 1:3 ratio 40 vol. I am so excited for the new Balayage Collection!
Applied stand alone @olaplex no.1 at the shampoo bowl
I applied #mydentity Super Power Crimson Spell + Blue Mystique Direct Dyes at the Rootagé and the Crimson Spell Direct Dye at mids and ends. #guytangmydentity #hairbestiesforlife .
Thanks to my team @arianasin @kimwasabi @vgflx model ❤️

HairBesties, If you weren’t doing hair, what would you be doing?
Leave your comments below!
Btw formula is
1️⃣Blue Mystique
2️⃣Green AuRoRa
3️⃣Lightning Bolt
Thanks to my team @amaniashawn @kimwasabi @arianasin

My Bday is coming July 26🎂🎁🎊HairBesties, whatever you look you pick for me, I will do to my hair on my Bday. Deciding if I should go BLOND but I’m scurd because I have a Perm in my hair and Its probaly gonna all break off. I can always get a new short cut tho. I am not tied to my length. Paranormal Hairtivity is in my hair. I should make it blond and see what happens or just Balayage it?🤔

Rose Brown Hair Transformation
#Hairbesties new YouTube Tutorial video 🎥 now up on my channel (link above in bio to watch the full video 🔝🔝🔝).
Do you like using #mydentity natural colors with #mydentity fashion color to give your client’s hair a color twist that’s very wearable? .
Here I used the @guytang_mydentity Natural Ice Demi + Rose Gold Demi with 6 vol dedicated developer and @olaplex No.1 on @kristierose .

Looks like I am putting shoe polish on her hair 😂😂😂 I combined the #mydentity #superpower Green Aurora + Purple Raven mixed together to create this deep smoky Rootagé. Then I applied Purple Raven 💜 and Blue Mystique 💙 mids and ends. Do you like the spreadability of the Super Power Direct Dyes? It’s easy to apply and goes in evenly. My model @gelatoyh had uneven porosity and different color bands all over her hair but #mydentity super power direct dyes are so pigmented that it even out the color. She was my model in Melbourne for @hairexpo. You can get @guytang_mydentity products at @haircareaust for OZ/NZ
Thanks to my #mydentity team @arianasin @kimwasabi @tiffjuanaglam @mydentitydenise @edmydentity & #haircareaustralia team

How many HairBesties are using @guytang_mydentity colors? Remember we have a full color line with awesome grey coverage with the Ni Permanent series and beautiful BB IG CRC RR GG GI series too. As well as our new SuperPower Direct Dyes that just release. We also have an awesome education team @arianasin @hairbynoora @kimwasabi @tiffjuanaglam @honeybeedoeshair @silastylist @ginaatkinson @korenlcartwright @hairbysaiphetkhosa @hairsbychristine @pam_mcguire @hairbypam @lupayyy @iamcarlooliverithe_colorist @kasekathleen @ashleyrockshair @amaniashawn

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