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Guy Tang®  Download my NEW single #Naked & #Naked2u on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music 🎼🎤🎧🎹 ELASTIC BALAYAGE on Dark Hair Tutorial, link below ⬇️

I love our Vibrant Pastels in @guytang_mydentity
Picture includes all these shades
2️⃣Pink Diamond
3️⃣Arctic Blue
4️⃣Lavender Lust
5️⃣Mint of Steel
6️⃣Cosmic Coral (international shade)
Thank you my amazing team @hairbynoora @ginaatkinson @arianasin

HairBesties, What is it about “HAIR” that makes you love doing HAIR so much. Share your feelings in the comments below.
I had moments when I felt down and sad but what I find is that “HAIR” has always saved my life and guide me into a path where I feel like I have purpose. Im sure many of you can relate.

Golden Sand Xpress toner is great for this season when your clients are going darker and require a warm filling before tinting back. It prevents the hair from looking muddy and add warmth to the hair to bring the shine back. I also love Golden Sand to give clients richness in their blondes and in many cases saves us if we overlift the hair and need to repigmetize the hair quickly in 5mins at the shampoo bowl. @guytang_mydentity

#hairbesties here’s one of my models from @guytang_mydentity show in Amsterdam. Did you see the new YouTube video on my channel? It’s part 2 of our trip to The Netherlands 🇳🇱 Here’s her formula:
1️⃣ Pre-Lightened with #mydentity #magnum8 powder Lightener to an even blonde
2️⃣ On dry hair I applied #mydentity Silver Pearl 8SP 58g + Dark Shadows 20g permanent with 10 vol developer 1:1 ratio
3️⃣ Mids to Ends Silver Pearl 8SP permanent + 10 vol 1:1 ratio and process for 30 mins.

See you next year for the Guy Tang World Tour 2019 🌎🌍🌏 Thanks to @mydentitycolornl @beautydistrictnl @kimwasabi @tiffjuanaglam @brad_etter @almarqt @edmydentity @mydentitydenise @arianasin @nevelvandervorst

HairBesties, Have y’all used the new NakedBlush9 color to glaze over your highlights? This is what it looks like in motion. I used NakedBlush7 on her base and NakedBlush9 on mids ends over her highlighted hair. Her natural level 7 at the base is sprinkling throughout. The color is just as pretty as our Rg Rose Gold. Also I just release a awesome new video on my channel and I don’t want you to forget to watch my the new episode on YouTube with link on my bio. @guytang_mydentity

HairBesties, Have you guys tried Magenta Magic in SuperPower series in @guytang_mydentity ? If not you need to because it’s super vibrant and last a very long time. You guys would love the SuperPowers you get from them. Would you like to see more shades in the Super Power series?

One of my all time favorite formula is to mix @guytang_mydentity NakedBlush9 with the original Naked10 to achieve these airy delicate tones. It has a soft whispery flesh tone that makes the NakedSeries wearable for our everyday client. Her canvas was a 10. Lifted with Magnum8 powder lightener.
1️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 20g 6ss+ 20g Naked7 with 6vol on rootagé
2️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 55g Naked10+ 10g of NakedBlush9+2g of LOVE Booster on mid shaft with 6vol
3️⃣ @guytang_mydentity Naked10+ Crystal Clear with 6vol on ends
Thank you to my amazing team @arianasin @ginaatkinson @kimwasabi as always. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#HB4L

I love using the Xpress Toners in @guytang_mydentity on damp hair to get quick neutralization but I also love using them on dry hair over prelighten hair to get more color deposit and extended wear in the color.
Here I lifted her hair using #Big9 and a 1/32oz of @olaplex
On dry hair I apply
1️⃣ @guytang_mydentity Xpress toner 25g pearl+25g blush +new Eclipse 10g 6vol
2️⃣Xpress Toner Titanium 1:2 6vol
3️⃣Xpress Toner Titanium+Crystal Clear 1:2 6vol
If you see a subtle violet tone from the Titanium, it’s there to control the yellow. If you want less deposit, just add more crystal clear. I personally rather have more pigment so it would last as she wears her hair. Thank you to my amazing team @kimwasabi @arianasin @tiffjuanaglam

Purple Raven is a very cool toned Purple in the SuperPower series! Saturated and last over 50+ shampoos. I love mixing Purple Raven with Magenta Magic to get a more Amethyst violet or mix with Blue Mystique to get a deep Indigo color. I also love to mix the Purple Raven with the Lavender Lust Vibrant Pastels to get a more pigmented pastel color.

Take one last look at my hair before I Perm it myself. HairBesties, Do you dare me to Perm my own hair? We already know I love my hair wavy but the question is “Can I do it by myself?” #WeDontKnow

A powerful copper red is just so sexy! Here’s is the formula.
Lift with balayage highlights using @guytang_mydentity #Stroke7 30vol ThiCC to create dimensional base she was a level 6 natural and highlights were lifted to 8.
On dry hair apply
1️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 10g Dark Shadows + 55g of 7crc on rootagé +10vol +1/32 oz @olaplex
2️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 55g of 7crc +10vol +1/32oz @olaplex
3️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 55g of 7crc+ 20g of Naked glow9 permanent with 10vol + 1/32oz @olaplex on ends only Process for 25mins
Blow dry and apply Demi glaze formula
1️⃣ @guytang_mydentity 55g Demi 7crc+ nakedglow7 Demi with 6vol on rootagé
2️⃣ @guytang_mydentity Demi 7crc with 6vol mids and ends
@guytang_mydentity Demi colors are acidic and closes the cuticle and lock in shine while adding more pigment of crc allows for ultimate longevity and shiny copper red tonality.
thank you to my amazing artistic team @hairbynoora @arianasin

HairBesties, The BB series in @guytang_mydentity is perfect fall. I love to use the 8Bb on natural level 5-7 to lift and deposit a unique chocolate beige brown with subtle mauve reflections. BB series mixes well with Rose Gold as well. Swipe left to see the result.

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