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Guy Tang®  Download my NEW single #Naked & #Naked2u on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music 🎼🎤🎧🎹 IRIDESCENT PINK HAIR color YouTube video, link below ⬇️

I love our SS series and the Vibrant Pastels in @guytang_mydentity ❤️I also love working with my awesome education team on these models! I love you girls forever! @kimwasabi @ginaatkinson @arianasin 💙@ghaphshair❤️ all models were prelighten with #big9

HairBesties, have you used the Ni “Natural Ice” series in @guytang_mydentity for grey coverage? The coverage is insane with the Permanent color range. It will deposit depth and solid coverage 100% and the Demi is such a beautiful tone for natural look blonde and great for shadow rootagé with the lower levels! I want to share this because @guytang_mydentity color is more than just Rose Gold and Silver Smoke Hair color but the tones I made for natural tones and blondes are amazing too. ♥️😍

Have you seen the new Direct Dye in @guytang_mydentity Vibrant Pastels “Scandal” and “Xposed”?! I have a tutorial up and link is on my bio! HairBesties, check out how cool it is that you can now get these colors in Direct Dye form. You can mix them with our existing Pastels or Super Power Shades to amplify them as well! I’m so excited for you guys to use them. You can order them online now or check them out in stores Oct1st❤️
Thank you to my team Artistic team members @arianasin @hairbynoora @kimwasabi

This girl is on fire🔥 This is honestly one of my favorite color combos to create to show the beautiful shades of the New Phoenix Fire and Lightning Bolt coming this fall for international HairBesties @guytang_mydentity Super Power colors are no joke pigmented! Romania was such a great show and workshop and I want to thank my amazing global team @ginaatkinson @ghaphshair @kimwasabi @arianasin ❤️❤️❤️

HairBestie formulation!! I love mixing the 10Rg with natural colors to create different blushing effects. Here are my favorite formulations using 10Rg.
10Rg+10A= Cool Rose
10Ni+10Rg= Naked Rose
10Rg+8DL=Lilac Rose
10Rg+10DL= Ice Cool Rose
10Ig+10Rg= Rose Ice Cream
10Rg+9Ar= Amber Rose gold
10Rg+3Mv= Violet Rose
10Rg+8Bb= Rose Beige

On level 9 you will achieve warmer result. On level 10 you will receive saturated in result. Your background remaining pigment will always contribute to final result.
Model on second slide can be achieved with the formulas below on her level 9 lifted hair.
Rootagé =Dark Shadows+8Sp on rootagé +10vol
Mids= 9Ar+10vol
Mids formula2= 10Rg+10vol

#Hairbesties I’ll will be coming to Vancouver, Canada this weekend for the Grand Opening of the NEW Vancouver @bellamibeautybar Beauty Bar located at 1168 Robson St. Vancouver BC 🇨🇦 on Sunday, September 23rd from 6pm- 9pm! You’ll be able to match a set of your favorite @guy_tang @bellamihair Balayage Hair Extensions!
RSVP today📲 through link:
#bellamihair #guytang #bellamibeautybar #bellamivancouver

Super Power is Life!!!! I can’t wait for you guys to play with some of the new shades currently for international HairBesties. We lifted her Hair with @guytang_mydentity #Big9 Crème Lightener + @olaplex
1️⃣ rootagé Green Aurora+ Purple Raven for a smoky black rootagé
2️⃣Purple Raven+ Lavender Lust
3️⃣Magenta Magic+ Sheer Power
4️⃣#WeDontKnow new shade coming
5️⃣Lightning Bolt
6️⃣Cosmic Coral+Crimson Spell 💕Looks like Tropical Sunset or a cocktail drink! 🍷

See you in Amsterdam, Netherlands next week with @mydentitycolornl
Thank you to my team @kimwasabi @arianasin @sofia.krigsman @edmydentity @mydentitydenise @ashleyrockshair

HairBesties, How to get that cold white Blonde?! I love mixing our Xpress toners with Crystal Clear demi to sheer them out on a level 10 client to get that icy white blond. It’s great also on level 9 with the icy violet gray base to control the yellow. I love mixing Titanium with the Pearl to get variation of white blonde shades❤️❤️❤️ @guytang_mydentity

SCANDAL and XPOSED YouTube video now up on my channel (see link on my bio 🔝🔝🔝) Scandal is now available online @guytang_mydentity
I’ll be in Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦 this weekend for @bellamihair @bellamibeautybar opening!

YouTube video now up on my channel (link on my bio 🔝🔝🔝) featuring @guytang_mydentity Vibrant Pastel Direct Dyes. #naked2u collection now available online and in-stores October 1 @cosmoprofbeauty @armstrongmccallofficial 💕💕💕💕💕
Download Naked and Naked2U remix singles now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify
Thanks to @mcdermottmegan @hairbynoora
#hairbestie #hairbestiesforlife #hb4l #evolvetogether #guytangmydentity

Midnight Rose 🌹 is one of my favorite shade for a cool red! I love the Romantic tone it gives the Hair and being able to mix the shade with 3Mv or 10Rg gives the color a diverse range of versatility!! Comment with a ♥️ if you love 6Mr! @guytang_mydentity

#hairbesties in Bucharest, Romania 🇷🇴 I can’t wait to meet you all with @guytangmydentityro! See you soon! 🇷🇴💕🇷🇴💕
Here’s one of my models in Quebec, Canada 🇨🇦 for @guytang_mydentity show with @concept_jp. He was pre-lightened to a level 10 with #big9 Crème Lightener + @olaplex and colored with #mydentity Silver Smoke. Thanks to #mydentity Ambassadors @maxgourgues @marcuuus @sygie_gagne and my team @lupayyy @amaniashawn @arianasin @edmydentity @mydentitydenise
BTW I will be coming to Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦 on 9/23 for @bellamihair @bellamibeautybar opening! It will be my first time in Vancouver!

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