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Guvna B  My new album 'Hands Are Made For Working' is out now & I’m going on tour. Link for tickets 👇🏾 Enquiries: | Bookings:

Looking for a talented artist in London, Manchester & Birmingham to take up the 2nd support act slot on my UK tour. I need one singer, rapper or group in every city! Let me knowwwww #HAMFW

So I’m in the gym wasting time as usual and then i think to myself, Guv when’s it gonna stop? When you gonna stop coming to the gym and leaving after 4 minutes & 54 seconds? When you gonna stop lifting these bars with 0 weights on them? When you gonna stop getting on the treadmill then stopping after 20 seconds to go to McDonalds? It’s time for a change. So as you do, I go to Spotify to find some inspiring workout music. I click on their biggest workout playlist ‘Beast Mode’ and stick it on shuffle. A song by some geezer called Guvna B comes on and bobs your uncle, it does the trick. I stayed at the gym for 6 minutes rather than 5. Stream Beast Mode now!

For anyone that would like me to come and perform in their city or town, now’s your chance. Click the link in my bio and drop a pin so I know where to come. See ya soon my g’s #HAMFW

Merch crew. For anyone after the Allo Mate season 3 merch which you could only get at shows, the end of summer sale goes online tomorrow @ 9am. Free pair of socks with every order. Snooze you lose.

Sometimes God’s silence is His confidence in you.

Just reflecting on what has been a memorable summer. Gotta big up everyone I’ve met over the last 4 months at festivals or shows or anywhere else on the road. I’ve received the most amount of love off the back of my album and it sounds proper cheesy but i feel like the #HAMFW project is the most special I’ve worked on so far and through it, you lot feel like family. It’s sick that being open and honest can bring people together and we can all find hope collectively through our difficult but different situations. Special stuff my G’s. Looking forward to a chilled September catching up with my family, friends and some Netflix series’. 📺🤓 In October I go on my headline tour so will see you lot soon. Ticket link in my bio - please come along ‘cos it’s gonna be awkward if it’s just me and the sound engineer. 😅 In the meantime these are some thoughts I’ve been thinking about lately:

The great challenge is for us to stop trusting in the proven, the tried, the tested. But to trust God for the fresh and in the unknown.
We gotta be careful we're not defining ourselves by our worst moments in life. Our worst moments are just that.... moments.

There are blessings to count even on the worst of days soooo.....Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday them days might go great // But if Friday, Saturday, Sunday ain’t just know that I’ll still thank Him everyday. ✌🏾

Doing the Theresa May dance into the weekend.

Only so much you can get across in an interview and I don’t claim to have all the answers either, but if you wanna check out the chat I had on Newsnight about Drill music, you can find it on iPlayer.

I’m on the tele in an hour. BBC2 @ 10:30pm. Tune in for some interesting chats.

I guess my past keeps calling, sometimes I call it back. Ft @martinsmithtv - Hands Are Made For Working is out now! Check it out #HAMFW

Smile if you know nothing about plants but went to see 26,000 different types on Bank Holiday.

Cast Your Cares.

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