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Bleu  Brooklyn.


Hoja de coca antes de Machu Picchu

Second day hiking along the railroad tracks (no connecting roads through the mountains) because the train is for fancies and we are balling on a budget. Mother Nature gave us a free shower though. Punk never smelled so good.

Full on sprinted after a man through the streets of Cusco after he tripped me from behind and his buddy stole my phone when I fell. I caught him, and proceeded to scream at him like the loca that I am till he returned it. Shoutout to the ultimate hypeman @iamready for backing me with his lil güerito muscles. Life is wild my dudes, but this country is beautiful and we are having a blast! 🤙 Here is a photo of a pretty muñequita by my pal @iamready cause I'm slow on the dslr pics. #neverstealamillennialsphone

Traveling through Perú with everyone's least favorite gringo/my road dog @iamready. We're ready to stunt on all of the Teva wearing backpacking hippie nerds, and then get schooled by the locals as we pass out from altitude sickness like the sea-level dorks that we are. Catch ya later freakies! 🌈🤸🏻‍♀️

What's black and white and brown all over? Hype girl cred: @mattroxyersoxoff

High (tide) 🏄🏽 #raymondpettibon

Today, we remember the enormous impact immigrants have on this country. Immigrants pick your produce, they prepare your meals, they drive your cabs, they raise your children in addition to raising their own. They are doctors and professors and scientists. They are people with families and emotions and dreams. In the wake of ICE raids and hateful bans under the current administration, we remember and appreciate how immigrants form the lifeblood of this country's economic and social structure. I am proud to be the daughter of immigrants. #undíasininmigrantes #nadieesilegal #rompelasfronteras #toimmigrantswithlove

Las mujeres con la dignidad rebelde. Adelante compañeras, la lucha sigue. #mujeresluchandoalmundotransformando
#staynasty #womensmarchnyc

Tijuana, te extraño. #tijuanaisaparadise

Completed another rotation around the sun without getting mauled by a bear or marrying some poor old schmuck for his money. Celebrated with the timeless Mexican tradition of having birthday cake shoved into your face by people who claim to love you. #mordidamordida 📷: @miksphotos

Went from dodging slippery glacier slopes to dodging rats and piss in the street. Willing to trade terrible psychiatric advice for whiskey. #notchill #suckvibes #ourpetsheadsarefallingoff

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