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Guster  Guster is a band. Guster is a band that has begun to update their Instagram account.

You were always saying something..🎼... This is a repost from the @gusterrhoids page. They’re just so damn cool.

This just showed up in the mail commemorating a half million sales of Satellite. Honestly thought the “gold record” thing had passed us by and was fine with it because sales and merit aren’t super connected. But it’s a good song, and one of my proudest lyrical efforts, and I will put it on my wall until one of my kids breaks it with a lacrosse ball. Unfortunately for Satellite, better songs are coming soon (!)

Breakfast with our old pal Joe Pisapia.

The final stage. Mixing our album in Nashville with Collin DuPuis. And his dog Freida.

That’s not Guster playing in that amazing cave venue. But it will be! Join us at The Caverns in Pelham TN on August 23rd for a show in a very special place. Tickets ($75)(because cave) go on presale today at — and historic Ruby Falls is less than an hour away (!) Presale code is SATELLITE #redrocksnext

Plate reverbs really do make him happy. Happy birthday Luke!

Summer tour dates! I found these on the @gusterrhoids Instagram page. I’m pretty sure the theme here is “a sunburnt person” because summer.

Finally wrote a studio journal! Wrote it about a stack of wet fan mail from the 90’s though, instead of actual studio stuff. Take what you can get!

This little dream team just wrapped their final recording session for the new album. Thank you Leo Abrahams and Graham Lessard, the music we made together was a career highlight. #familyphoto

It takes a village to record “Zeno” — producer Leo Abrahams on whammy bar, Ryan Miller on guitar.

Five days in Manhattan starting today with Leo Abrahams and this record is officially done being recorded! Almost there!

Day 2 in Brooklyn recording a song with our friend Sam Cohen at the helm. Luke starting off the day right (it’s palo santo).

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