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Gustavo Funyuns  My humans call me Gus. I love to eat, cuddle, and chew on my toys. I love seeing my brothers and sisters grow!! My favorite thing is puperonis❤️

Does this vest make me look fat? #pugsofinstagram #gustavofunyuns

Here's an update on life, I've gotten big so fast and I've got some new adult teefers coming in☺️

My mom thinks I'm a model, I'm so happy today❤️ #gustavofunyuns #pugsofinstagram

My aunt came to visit me, and I have been so excited since she got here I couldn't sit still for a picture😂 #gustavofunyuns #pugsofinstagram @kyliej_butler

I've learned how to play fetch #gustavofunyuns #pugsofinstagram

Sundays are my favorite.. nap day with my humans 🖤 #gustavofunyuns #pugsofinstagram

When my mommy is in the kitchen I love to sit at her feet❤️ #gustavofunyuns #pugsofinstagram

Happy second birthday to my favorite doodle!! My uncle!! Love you benny #bennydood #gustavofunyuns #pugsofinstagram #doodlesofinstagram

My humans took me out tonight 😍 I loveeee when they let me be outside, it's one of my many favorites #gustavofunyuns #pugsofinstagram

I liked the groomer, she gave me a cool tie to go pick up chicks #gustavofunyuns #pugsofinstagram

My human just dropped me off at the groomer for the first time and I'm not happy about her leaving me. #gustavofunyuns #pugsofinstagram

Check me out being BAD. 😒 I think I might make my humans go crazy #gustavofunyuns #pugsofinstagram

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