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Gus Simpson  PNW life, film, music, shred, production, guitar, beards, tattoos, menswear, wife, kid ✝️ church tech guy and freelance videographer in Moscow, Idaho

Gratuitous selfie time. Help me pick out some new sunglasses. I know which ones I'm leaning toward. #warbyhometryon

Finally got myself a big-boy camera (Panasonic GH4). Played around with it a bit tonight before bedtime to see how far I could push it in low light, and throw together a fun little edit.

Pretty cool how our new floor lamp doubles as a toddler toy 🤗

When you're driving down to Lewiston and the clouds look like this, you stop and take photos.

I'm a bit late to the party, but happy #internationalwomensday to all of the amazing, strong, inspiring women in my life. Especially this one. @atattack, Thanks for keeping me in check, raising our son right, and looking great doing it.

Not too proud to spam y'all for the chance at some new IEMs. I'll be nice and tag a different set of folks over here. #sorryfam #iwant64audio @atattack @danielpete37 @billbuckinghammusic @bartbudwig @johnnuhn

Got to nerd out with @draplin tonight. One of my favorite dudes to listen to talk. Brings back memories of seeing Stefan Sagmeister speak in the same room almost ten years ago.

Last night was the culmination of a lot of scripting, programming and planning. Thankfully @brentbillings and I got a chance to share a piece of our Love Story in the middle of it all.

Breakfast with this guy is the best, even when he steals my food.

Latest iteration of the board. The best thing about this is that almost everything has been bought secondhand at very generous prices from friends who are way better musicians than me. Thanks to @schlanggg for the Pedaltrain, power supply, Tightropes and Eterna Gold, @samuelemorin for the Soul Food, and @johnnuhn for the Sparkle Drive, VP Jr and Echo Park. It's fun having a little piece of y'all on my board. Oh, and thanks to @_chefboyarsteve_ for the shoes...

Entire family sick (including myself). 10 degrees outside. Windshield frosted over on the INSIDE of my car. Can I just go back to bed now?

Mornings, man.

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