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Guru Mann✅  🔹6'1" 198lb 5%bf 🔹Nutritionist/Kinesiology Degree 🔹1 Million+ YouTube Subscribers 🔹Creator MISSION INDIA FIT 🔹Founder/CEO - GM Nutrition 🔹California🇺🇸

❇️ 200,000 Downloads in 24 hours for SIZE 8 Vegetarian Nutrition Plan PDF 😀
♦️If you are a vegetarian, want to build Muscles and looking for a Diet plan then what are you waiting for, Check it out and start following it today💪🏼💪🏼
♦️PDF available on YouTube and on the Website!
♦️Uploading it on Mobile App tomorrow!
❤️Guru Mann is there for you Guys❤️
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🔹I am BLESSED🙏🏼 that God gave me True Authentic Fans & lovers❤️
🔹I am BLESSED🙏🏼 that God gave me an Opportunity to help my community🇮🇳
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☑️2 videos of SIZE 8 coming each day, so in this week entire program will be out with the PDF's.
☑️Veg Nutrition PDF's for both Men & Women.
☑️All the videos have been scheduled by Tseries.
☑️Thank you guys for your patience🙏🏼
-Love from Guru Mann❤️
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🔵So Guys, If someone tells you that Vegetarians can't build MUSCLES because they have to eat eggs, meat and take supplement😠So its time to prove them wrong!!🙅🏻‍♂️
🔹2 Days to go for SIZE 8 Pure Vegetarian Muscle Building program💪🏼💪🏼
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🔰 Far Away From You Guys
I am far away from you guys but I know I stay in your Heart❤️ ❤️
I'm doing whatever it takes to change the Health and Fitness of my community, that's my MISSION and NoBody can stop me...I'm UNSTOPPABLE💂🏻
🔸So much stuff coming this year for you guys!!
<<Thanks for your Love and Support😀>>
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🔵 SIZE 8 - Teaser
🔹Guys we all set for July 15. Time to put some MUSCLE Mass on💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
🔹1st ever complete Pure Vegetarian Muscle Building program launching on YouTube!!!
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Pure Vegetarian Muscle Building Program💯
👉🏼Launching July 15
♦️No Meat🚫
♦️No Eggs🚫
♦️No Supplement🚫
♦️Workout Videos & PDF📕
♦️Nutrition Videos & PDF📕
♦️Program launching on July 15🚩
♦️Available FREE on YouTube, Website and on our Mobile App📲
Fitness Program Number 17th (All Free😀)
- By Guru Mann
🔻GM Nutrition @gmnutritionusa
🔻GMFA Certification @gmfacertification
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🔷Wassup Guys!!
Here's our upcoming social media schedule:
🔹July - Mass Building Vegetarian program
🔹August - Facebook & Instagram Live
🔹September - Program for Old Age people
🔹October - Program on Cancer
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⬛️ If you want to change your body, you gotta change your NUTRITION before it gets too late!!!
▪️ You are what you eat 🍎🍐🍌🍉🍇🌽🥜🥗🍢🍠
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(Guru Mann Fitness Academy) @gmfacertification
🔹Hundreds of candidates have been CPT/CNC certified through GMFA to help our family, our friends, our community, our country!!
🔹Their Profiles have been shared on our social media sites and we are still updating our candidates info on daily basis because we have batches every month and so many candidates are finishing the course and passing the exams.
You can checkout their profiles on:
🔸Mobile App: GuruMannFitness
🔸Instagram: @gmfacertification (Follow it❤️)
👉🏼If you have any questions regarding diet and exercise please feel free to reach out to them as well. They are here to help you😀
🔰GMFA is starting one more New course in August>> Certified Supplementation Consultant - CSC | Registration starting in July!!
🔹Lets educate ourself
🔹Lets work together
🔹Lets grind
🔹Lets help each other💯
••••Team GMFA | Team MissionIndiaFit••••
#gurumann #gurumannfitness #missionindiafit #gmfacertification

🔹New Muscle Building Vegetarian program is in process💪🏼, it will be out in July!
👉🏼Are you all ready???
BTW I am on Non Driver seat!!
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🛑If you don't have a gym access or don't have time to workout in the gym then follow my Home Workout series with or without equipments - its called FIT ZONE | from Level 1 to 6.
🔻Workout videos for Men & Women
🔻Nutrition plan for Men & Women
🔻Program is available FREE on YouTube, Website and Mobile App.
#gurumann #gurumannfitness #missionindiafit

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