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Guru Mann✅  🔹6'1" 198lb 5%bf 🔹Nutritionist/Level-III CERTIFIED 🔹Creator MISSION INDIA FIT 🔹Founder - GMFA Certification 🔹Founder/CEO - GM Nutrition 🔹California🇺🇸

🔸Saddest day of my life - Today my Father passed away😭😭😭😭😭
He had been fighting against the Cancer (Advanced Stage 4) for last 2.5 years but today He lost the fight and cancer won!!!
I am feeling alone, I feel no one is around me, I can't hear anyone, I can't feel anything, I am broke, I am feeling low.
How heartbroken💔 I am and how much I Miss my dad, I can't explain in words but my tears do😭😭......
I am inactive on all the social media platforms for few weeks!!

No Captions today just dropping My Signature Pose😀
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✳️THROWBACK - Long Messy Hair✂️
🔹Do you want me to bring this hair style back? Yes or No🤔
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🔰GM Nutrition - Pre Order Now
🔴Cost in Dollars
🔻Daily Multivitamins - $15.99 + Shipping
🔻Fish Oil - $12.99 + Shipping
🔻CLA - $14.99 + Shipping
🔴Cost in Rupee
🔻Daily Multivitamins - Rs 1055 + Shipping
🔻Fish Oil - Rs 857 + Shipping
🔻CLA - Rs 989 + Shipping
🔴NOTE: Shipping depends on your current location, you must pay USPS international drop shipping to receive the product.
🔻Custom duties are included.
🔻USA, Canada, Australia & India
🔻Next week shipping to UK, New Zealand, UAE & Pakistan
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🔴Facebook LIVE on Sunday at 10pm IST
We will talk about:
🔻Delhi Event
🔻Upcoming Events
🔻GM Nutrition
🔻Next Muscle Building program
🔻Mission India Fit
🔻Questions & Answers
Don't forget. Setup a Reminder😀
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🔻545,000+ Health And Fitness☑️
🔻455,000+ Guru Mann Fitness☑️
✳️Growing Organically☑️
NOTE👉🏼This is the only Fitness Channel in the world which has provided 15 complete fitness programs (workout and nutrition) for men and women for FREE and lot more coming😀
❤️❤️Thanks for your love and support ❤️❤️
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🔵I gave up my individual goals in 2010 and started working on very serious goal for our country where millions of people are suffering from health problems, under weight, overweight & chronic disease and nobody bothered about it neither Central government nor state government. I got failed over and over from 2010 to 2014 but from last 3 years we are on the right track, thousands of people have transformed their body, thousands of people lower their sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure....and that's what Guru Mann's dream.
🔹I will continue working as hard as possible to make our people's health better both Inside and outside.
👉🏼Follow my GM Nutrition page @gmnutritionusa
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✳️I believe that we are who we choose to be.
No body is going to come and save you. You have got to save yourself.
No body is going to give you anything, you have got to go out and fight for it.
No body knows what you want except you and no body will be as sorry as you if you don't get it.
You could be a fitness model, singer, bodybuilder, actor, rockstar, Mr/Miss World, MP/CM/PM, cricketer or Olympian but if you give up you will be Nobody!!!!!!
So don't give up on your dreams.
-Guru Mann❤️
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🔷It's WORLD HEALTH DAY...and I wanna say, Take Care of you & your family and enjoy a healthy life❤️🎯
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🔹Thanks for your unconditional Support & Love🤗
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🔰Here is India's First "MADE IN THE USA"🇺🇸 health product named "GM NUTRITION" by Guru Mann.
🔷GM Nutrition launching 3 supplements:
- 1. Daily Multivitamins
- 2. Fish Oil
- 3. CLA
🔹Product will be available on April 27th.
🔹Pre order staring April 20th.
🔹GM Nutrition website will be LIVE soon including cost of product, description and nutrition facts.
🔹All products will be shipped directly from USA to your front door💯
🔹Customers will get all original products straight from USA so there will be no chance of duplicity or Fake Supplement❌
🔹GM Nutrition products available for USA & Indian people only, we are also working to ship it to Canada, Australia, UK and Pakistan soon..
🔹All men & women, young & old with age 16 to 80 years can take Multivitamins and Fish Oil whether they workout or not!!
🔹Product review videos will be uploaded soon!!
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✳️Entry Video - DELHI EVENT April 2017
🔻Woww I never expected that much Love and Support from my people❤️🙏🏼
🔻Your true love and unbelievable support making Guru Mann 10 times more stronger than I have ever thought😀💞
🔻You guys are 100% TRUE followers❤️
🔻Great support for MISSION INDIA FIT💯
👉🏼I will be back in Sep/Oct and doing multiple events in different states!!
🔻We will upload the entire event on YouTube soon!!
#gurumann #gurumannfitness #missionindiafit

🔹Some people try to tell me Guru Mann u need to add more mass, u need to look big and compete in the bodybuilding shows...really😳
🔹They don't know Guru Mann doesn't want this, I am satisfied with my Aesthetic lean muscular look..that was my goal and I have achieved it 7 years ago...
🔹Now my mission is to spread the knowledge, education, 20 years of fitness experience I have and focus on my community. My goal is to see my country healthy and if I still keep focusing on my individual goals, then
how can I help you guys,
how can I help my community,
how can I help millions of people living in india.
I want to see my people healthy and that's what MISSION INDIA FIT is all about💯
----Guru Mann❤️
👉🏼Guru Mann's Aesthetic Pose😀
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