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Guru Mann  🔹6'1" 198lb 5%bf 🔹Nutritionist/Kinesiologist CERTIFIED 🔹1 Million+ YouTube Subscribers 🔹Creator MISSION INDIA FIT 🔹Founder/CEO - GM Nutrition 🔹Cali 🇺🇸

🔸It is great that Economy of India is growing crazy (second in the world👌🏼), the rich get richer💰, major cities are pretty much developed🌆, everyone has mobile phone and car 🚗, cities have more transportation🚎, advanced technology⚙️, govt creating more jobs, etc etc!!!! How about Health🤔 India rank # 112th and every year it's getting worst. Highest number of death rates of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Blood pressure😢. According to WHO - World Heath Organization, India will be the sickest country in the world in 2030😳
Guys lets stop this by educating our people about health and fitness, we gotta help them as much as we can because govt is not going to do anything!! We have to take charge of our health and our family's health. As long as I am alive, I will keep helping and educating our community!!
Jai Hind
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♦️Guys, that Dream which you are holding in ur mind is POSSIBLE, only if you work on it day-in & day-out then it's POSSIBLE!!💯
At present, Road might be tough with tough circumstances, financial issues, family problems, job issues but guys it won't be the same forever. Nothing is easy in life because we are not born rich. We gotta hustle to make money, we gotta hustle to pay bills, we gotta hustle to bring food on the table, we gotta hustle to feed our kids but if you're still able to pursue your dreams while hustling, I'm telling can still fulfill your dreams. So get up and start working on your dreams to become a doctor, best bodybuilder/fitness model, cricketer, actor, singer or even a prime minister of India..No body can stop you!!
-Guru Mann
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♦️Every Punjabi music lover knows about Sharry Maan no doubt about that😀 but for my those followers who don't listen Punjabi music they should definitely checkout my bro Sherry Mann songs on YouTube. You guys will love it!!!🤗🤗 @sharrymaan
🔻Sharry Maan lost 10 pounds in 10 days by following the Keto Diet💪🏼 You guys should give it a try😀 #KetoDietbyGuruMann
Love from Guru Mann❤️
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❇️ DREAM: That's what I am chasing for. I have been working on Mission India Fit for day-in day-out, week-in week-out, month-in month-out, year-in year-out and You know what? Its working!!! Millions of people are getting transformed and they are taking charge of their & their family's heath.
Lets keep moving forward, Lets keep adding people, Lets keep changing lives💯
--Guru Mann❤️
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If you aren't rich or famous or well-connected you will find it rough, doors will be shut on you, people will steal your glory and crash your hopes, you will push and push and yet nothing will happen....Then your dreams will be crashed, you will be broke really broke, you will do odd jobs for survival, you will be unable to feed yourself!! Yes it happens... but never let them crush your dreams
whatever happens to you keep dreaming,
even they crush your hopes keep dreaming,
when they turn you away keep dreaming,
even when they shut you down keep dreaming
Because they can rob you of your money, your strength, your hopes but never your dreams!!!
So as long as you are alive, your story is not over my friend, your story is not over.. keep up the fight, keep your hopes and dreams alive because failure is not an option!!!💯
--Guru Mann
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🔹WASSUP!!! Hair on point😁😎
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🔹Body Weight: 195lbs
🔹Body Fat: 6%
🔻Body Weight: 190lbs
🔻Body Fat: 4%
🔹For YEAR AROUND Look, you can watch my video "My Carb Cycle" on YouTube that how I stay lean with 6% body fat year around.
🔹For PHOTOSHOOT Look, I will make a video with step by step info that how can I reach 4% body fat during the photoshoots by carb loading, sodium cut and water depleting.
🔻Well less than 5% is not healthy for longer period of time but having 6 to 9% is healthy without any issues, as I have been maintaining it for last 7 years!!
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❇️ 200,000 Downloads in 24 hours for SIZE 8 Vegetarian Nutrition Plan PDF 😀
♦️If you are a vegetarian, want to build Muscles and looking for a Diet plan then what are you waiting for, Check it out and start following it today💪🏼💪🏼
♦️PDF available on YouTube and on the Website!
♦️Uploading it on Mobile App tomorrow!
❤️Guru Mann is there for you Guys❤️
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🔹I am BLESSED🙏🏼 that God gave me True Authentic Fans & lovers❤️
🔹I am BLESSED🙏🏼 that God gave me an Opportunity to help my community🇮🇳
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☑️2 videos of SIZE 8 coming each day, so in this week entire program will be out with the PDF's.
☑️Veg Nutrition PDF's for both Men & Women.
☑️All the videos have been scheduled by Tseries.
☑️Thank you guys for your patience🙏🏼
-Love from Guru Mann❤️
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🔵So Guys, If someone tells you that Vegetarians can't build MUSCLES because they have to eat eggs, meat and take supplement😠So its time to prove them wrong!!🙅🏻‍♂️
🔹2 Days to go for SIZE 8 Pure Vegetarian Muscle Building program💪🏼💪🏼
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🔰 Far Away From You Guys
I am far away from you guys but I know I stay in your Heart❤️ ❤️
I'm doing whatever it takes to change the Health and Fitness of my community, that's my MISSION and NoBody can stop me...I'm UNSTOPPABLE💂🏻
🔸So much stuff coming this year for you guys!!
<<Thanks for your Love and Support😀>>
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