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MAJON🔌💸🅿️  L🅰Boy💯🔜 to the 🔝u feel me 🅿 @Baby u can't Finnese A FINNE$$ER✌💸🏦 #$tandinTallAboveTheStorm$☈💪👊

Should i cut it and get my Wavez bacc🏝💦💦💙
I waz lookin Ugly 😂✌

Fr cUz u gonk eat wit me🤑💰💯 or
U just gonk Starve without me✌😂

Knowbody wuz there when i wuz Locked up...Or where wuz u When They wuz Tryna give me3yrs✌🚮🔙🔛🔝💯only ma Called, know u wanna Say we friends😂✌

^R.p.G.o^💸💰 iBe BreaKin oN LiL BiTTy BaBys✌$ !

Upgrade Tha Bitch ... #iCyKoLdpiMp🅿️❄️💦

Tbh Its Late, When a Nighka Waz Fresh out ...Bacc at Skool💯 Fucc House arrest✌

Miss these Dayz CuHz Frz💯

Lil sumthin😎💯😈Cuhz

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