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Press Release Yesterday:
FightLite® Industries, a division of ARES Defense Systems® Inc. located in Melbourne, Florida announces a development program for next generation, lightweight polymer ammunition to work in conjunction with its patented Dual-Feed™ Squad Automatic MCR® (Mission Configurable Rifle). In a radical departure from the directions of both case telescoped ammunition and conventional polymer ammunition, FightLite® is pursuing an innovative development strategy for a 5th generation hybrid cartridge that is projected to lighten ammunition weight by up to 30% and deliver reduced ammunition cost, while also supporting legacy infantry weapons and machine guns.

The select-fire FightLite® MCR® is derived from the ARES-16 AMG-2™ (Assault Machine Gun) that was selected for testing by the US Army’s Soldier Enhancement Program (SEP) and includes product enhancements that were made to the AMG-2™ following experience with M855A1 EPR ammunition and earlier military testing done during the Army’s AEWE Spiral H experiment at Fort Benning.
FightLite® isn’t sharing any proprietary details at this stage about the (5th Generation) construction methods being privately developed in house with IRAD until its patents for the hybrid technology are solidified. But the FightLite® R&D team is systematically addressing and overcoming the hurdles that have plagued early players in the lightweight ammunition space and is confident in its decision to pursue development of a lightweight cartridge that will also support legacy weapons in the US arsenal and NATO countries, and other users around the world. 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Additional information and full release available at,,
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Our latest article is up for your viewing pleasure. @judahmw talks Ghost Gun Glock, @polymer80inc Gen 2. Enjoy. (Link in Bio)

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NEW! Elzetta Tridexrous Shield Light in @blueridgearmor Vengeance Ballistic Shield; Legendary Elzetta quality, performance, & durability now integrated into armor.

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SNEAK PEEK!!! One piece magazine catch! First of the many BAD Enhanced LPK (Lower Parts Kit) components. You asked! We listened! Soon an affordable, enhanced LPK will be available! (Note: prototype shown) #battlearms #Battlearmsdevelopment #ar15 #blackrifle #223 #556 @defensemk @ar15news

Our interview with John Hwang is live. @christranfiveoh talks with John about @triggrcon 2017, where it started and where it's going. (Link in Bio) Look for our upcoming video interview with John on location at TriggrCon. Enjoy.

Our partners over at @crossmachinetool have something for you. #Repost @crossmachinetool
Don't miss out on the UHPR™ Rail Sale going on at @aimsurplus and @rainierarms -this deal ends July 31st
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We are back for this months edition of The QA. In order for this to grow we need to hear from you. If you have questions please leave a comment below or email them to us at

In this episode we talk about stinky holsters, what to do in the confines of a range booth, the new Glocks, and dabble in to the 1911 world. Thanks for watching! (Link in Bio)

Are you following @theveteransproject ? Are you reading these memories? Chills. Amazing. #Repost @theveteransproject
Post 5/9 “The first night we were attacked by German strafing and paratroopers dropping into our area of operations.  My radio sergeant and I went back to the CP and we started directing artillery fire from there. We moved around some but we did that with the Company Commander because the Company Commander had his radio sergeant with a 300 Radio and he was in touch with all elements of the frontline of his company.  Our radio weighed 100 lbs and there were two parts.  There was the radio part and the battery part.  You had to screw the parts together and run up a 15-foot antenna.  That’s how you contacted the Fire Direction Center for our artillery.  It wasn’t easy to move that radio around in the dark and when you put up that antenna it was almost like waving a flag saying, “Here we are.” Fortunately, we were able to hold the Germans off for those three days but we were running very low on medicine, food, and water.  Luckily for us, there was a farmhouse on the side of that hill.  The house had a well and our guys at night, even though there were German snipers around, would form a chain and take canteens to the well.  People ask me all the time what we’d do for food.  Well, we ran out of the K Rations in about two days.  We had a D Ration, which was a bar that about the size of the old Milky Ways or the old Snickers bars.  It was hard chocolate candy.  You couldn’t chew through this thing but you could shave it down with the bayonet.  That’s what I lived off of.  Eisenhower called in an airdrop of those K Rations.  The Germans realized this so they positioned their 88’s where they could shoot down our planes. So, our C-47s flew extremely high to avoid those ground to air attacks.  When they dropped the rations they drifted away from the hill so we had to fight through no man's land to get a few of them back.”—SSG Frank Denius (Army, WWII Veteran)

Our partners over at @spotterup posted this article, we thought it worth a share. (Link in Bio)

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