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These past few months I have convinced myself that I’m not going to give a fuck about anything but a few people in my life, my work ethic, and my businesses for the next 3-5 years. -

If I could convince every 20 year old “entrepreneur” to shut down the emotional needs for short term wealth until they are 30, they would all be successful. -

Let me tell you a little secret, the majority of entrepreneurs you look up to, shit on you behind your back because they can see the short term bullshit behavior. -

All these young entrepreneurs out here may be tricking 93% of people out there but the 7% that rule the world think they’re clowns. -

No I’m not one of those 7%, but heres the thing, I realize this, and many others in my position don’t. I realize nothing comes easy, I realize I’m gonna have to work my face off to get to where I wanna go, and thats what I’m going to continue to do. -

I haven’t been posting on this page, and thats not gonna change for quite some time, unfollow me or wait it out either way is fine with me.  Winners win with winners, my current circle is this and only this, and its time to win. -

While in Scottsdale Arizona, it's only right to do the proper South Dakota thing and stop your driver to get a SD style pic, right? 🤠 #tbt

I am not a guy who has many answers, but I have many great questions. Always, Always, Always, seek mystery. Small minds sit in answers, & great minds sit in questions.
The quality of your life is determined on the quality of the questions you ask

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.

Happy 18th to this little ray of sunshine, my siista. Somehow you manage to be respectable, crazy, smart, and rebellious all in one. Love ya 👶🏼

Quick visits here and there, hope it helps still. I know she longs for commitment and something else real. I'm never around, she look like she on the shelf still. Told me "you don't spend some time soon, someone else will" —
Happy Vday lovers

I'll pull you closer in the back seat of this Rover. Manifesting it into reality. 💎

Facebook memories constantly teasing me. Fak I wanna get out to my bliss place ❄️

You're looking wrong if you're always looking back - I'm just kicking back, cause living in the moment is where it's at. I love my life #Grateful

Gold is getting old. The new rich are those that abandon the deferred-life plan, create luxury lifestyles in the present using the currency of the New Rich: time and mobility. This is an art and a science we will refer to as lifestyle design.

Feelin that another get away to the tropics with my amazing family is necessary. Start saving your vacation hours guys 😜

Let it snow. ❄️

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