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The little things. 🌴

I have a lot of emotions regarding leaving Glasgow and this is something I somehow can't express in a fluffy Instagram caption. I'll leave it with a well known Glaswegian chant: "Here we, here we, here we f***ing go!!!" #myloveisaswideastheclyde

Things I'll miss about Glasgow chapter 1: the silent raver #highlandraverofglasgow

The only place I know that can constantly complain about a litter problem yet still somehow manage to be beautiful

"Tell the guards to open up..the gaaaaates!" - Citizens of East Berlin, 1989, probably.

Starting my transition back to being a professional hipster and we're in the perfect city for that

How surreal it was to be in a foreign land once under communist control; something I only read about in textbooks. I'm slowly putting together the puzzle that is the world, creating a better understanding of what happened and what effects remained. Prague was nonetheless a beautiful, beer-filled, enchanting fairytale. I will be back to pick up the toes I lost to the cold. #9degreesinthisphoto #fahrenheit

If only my pals were as sweet as my treats #notacupnick w/ @nickipedia__ @carlybeth29

Bet you thought I was gonna make a "Czeching in" pun but I'm in pragueress of thinking of something more original.

I'd rather be remembered as 'that incredibly awkward American tourist' than 'the annoying American tourist' 🇪🇸🌴#isthishowtoyoga

Encuentra la chica blanca en botas 🎯 #casagracia


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