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Yesterday was a good one. ft @live_smile_play

All @jojo_doodles gave for a creative challenge topic was "fun light". And this was what my brain spat out.

Witness my awkwardness 😅 But yo, I did it, I'm done, I know I could do better, and I'm proud. w/ @jo.joannee @live_smile_play

After 3 years, I'm finally out. Thanks to everyone I spent my last day at Mesa with even if it was just a few seconds. This is a day I'll always remember ❤️

These are some of the faces I see every morning. And I'll miss them. After tomorrow, there will no longer be a day where I can just walk to the grey tables we designated as our morning headquarters. The roof in which we've spent every lunch together will soon be a memory. Pizza Mondays/Wednesdays will always remain a tradition no matter the pizza place or day. And I'll forever be grateful for the dance class that gave me some of the best friends I could ask for. If I could stay one more year, I probably would. But after that extra year, I know I'd want to stay for another...and another...and another. Things are bound to change for me and as terrified as I am, I'm beyond thankful I've met these people because they've made my last stretch at Mesa one of the best years of my life. Tomorrow's going to be really tough for me to get through but I know for sure this won't be the last goodbye. I love you all.

Me trying to stay awake through these last 4 days of class

In front of the camera for once 😅

Snippet of what my tuesday and thursday afternoons look like w/ some of my fellow Rooftop Squad @xcusemycharisma (middle) and @jo.joannee (green shirt). Yours truly on the left 💃🏻
🎥: @xcusemycharisma

Rooftop Shenanigans #202984

It's come to the point in the semester where 70% of my class notes are doodles.

[ GumeeBite ] : First sight of the month | May 1 , 2017

Never too old for Disney

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