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Young Gully  YHTM Booking 4 Young Gully: Younggully12@gmail.com Subscribe to my VEVO. Where My Woes out now. New song Old Ways audio link in my bio!!!!

I'm just sayin how I feel man...I aint 1 of the Cosbys I ain't go to heald man. I guess the money shoulda changed em. I guess I shoulda forgot where I came from.

Ask the people about what I did for my city. I'm done explainin it. Always been my own man. Never wanted to be like nobody else.

(Scroll thru) Side note: I always knew the answers to the questions people asked me but I also knew they wouldn't understand my answers. The reasons artists keep they distance ain't personal. Sometimes you just too good for your own good. A nigga would rather kill me in the game before they point me in the right direction. But the world been catchin on lately. I'll find it myself. 🌏🌎🌍.

Just wanna say congrats to my brother @tayoffthetop for coming with another successful drop! Bigger things coming for him. We been making plays behind the scenes. Support him by copping an album from him.

Money good to have but it will never be a shield. Don't matter what type of nigga you claim to be. We all gont hit the same ceiling. So you betta learn to live and cherish that shit quick. I ain't got a thing to prove to these streets no mo. And my angels sing. 🙏

And I just had a big epiphany. The 1 I needed.

I been throwin up that 5 since a youngin. BEEN outside. #557 😂

Tapped in wit brotha at @caliunderground2 today. We rockin. Did 2 verses for the homie. Real 1 every single time.

This about to drop soon. And it's a banger. You might see me wigglin in Modesto today. S/O every artist on this and S/O my bro at @caliunderground2

It's a 3 piece! And the comment section going crazy over my verse. Can't stop what's in God's plans.

Another successful show. 💯 Salute everybody that came out. Until next time. S/O Bluntworld.

Pull up. It's active.